Kings' second Stanley Cup title lights up social media

Kings' second Stanley Cup title lights up social media
The LA Kings Twitter page featured this photo of Kings Coach Darryl Sutter drinking from the Stanley Cup. (@LAKings)

For Kings fans, anxiety didn't just start when the game did. It started in the morning, hours and hours before the puck dropped.

"Now that I have my @LAKings ticket for tonight, how am I supposed to work?? #BecauseItsTheCup," tweeted Karine Desruisseaux.


It also didn't help that Friday was a, well, weird day.

"Tonight, #NYR goalie Henrik Lundqvist will play game no. 666 on Friday the 13th under a full moon. Feeling lucky, LA?" Sean Harnett tweeted.

Things only escalated from there once the game started.

"This is absolutely INSANE! #GoKingsGo #BecauseItsTheCup #StanleyCupFinal @LAKings," tweeted Christian Jacobs.

Added Danika Mertel, via Twitter, "you know my family loves the kings when I scream and my sister starts crying. @alixanshayna @LAKings we won."

Even the fans that had places to be and food to eat couldn't get enough.

"I'm gonna need these  to win so I can go to sleep. It's past midnight on the east coast. #GoKingsGo," wrote Ian Patrick Harris on Twitter.

Tweeted Jeremy Paul, "Come on y'all I got my ACT tomorrow soooooo... Not trying to rush the process but... @LAKings."

And then there was Mariecar Mendoza, a fan with an appetite, who tweeted, "Place is so packed I can't even inch in to order food. @LAKings win it already so I can eat!!!! #gokingsgo #hangry."

Insanity? Just playoff hockey.

"@theroyalhalf @LAKings seriously...I am losing it. I am beginning to laugh maniacally like an insane laboratory scientist," KGrisafe tweeted after a missed scoring chance.

And yes, at times, it felt like it would never end.

"Someday, we'll tell our grandchildren about this game. 'Turn the channel to 209, it's still going,' we'll say," tweeted Melissa Martin.

But then, of course, there was bedlam.


"SHOW ME THE CUP!!!! LA KINGS CHAMPS!!!!" screamed D.J. Saylor on Twitter.

"*runs around flailing* YAAAAAAYYYYYYYYY!!!! @LAKings," tweeted Renita Olson.

Or as John Moran succinctly tweeted: "Easily one of the best games in any sport I've ever seen. Congratulations @LAKings on your 2nd Cup in 3 years!"