Kiss-cam video a hoax; it was all for entertainment

Say it ain’t so, Fresno Joe!

That kiss-cam video that went viral of the lady getting upset with her man for not offering a smooch when they were shown on the video board wasn’t just a prank, it was a hoax perpetrated by staff of the Fresno Grizzlies minor league baseball team.

The woman who eventually tosses her drink on the inattentive fellow is actually a supervisor in the promotions department.

Kellie Henderson sat down with a reporter from Fresno television station CBS47 to tell her side of the story (shown in the video above).


“We decided, you know, there’s going to be a pretty big crowd,” she explains. “We should do what we can and try and get the people to laugh. That’s our job here at the Grizzlies, to make sure they have a good time.”

Kellie and her man, simply identified as Daniel (good name, by the way), were entertaining to say the least. Who doesn’t love slapstick and the old drink-dumped-on-a-guy routine? You can watch again in the video below.

Oh, and there is no Fresno Joe. It just sounded like a good way to start the post.


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