So what exactly is going on with LeBron James’ hairline?

LeBron James sported a full hairline at a Nike event on Sept. 16 as well as a Sprite event on Sept. 25.
(Steve Dykes / Associated Press; Duane Prokop / Getty Images for Sprite)

LeBron James has a receding hairline.

That shouldn't be considered news.

He's the best basketball player on the planet, a two-time NBA champion and four-time league MVP. And he provided us with one of the feel-good stories of the summer by leaving the Miami Heat and returning home to help the Cleveland Cavaliers' pursuit of a championship.

Even so, lots of mean people have been obsessed with the size of his forehead for years.

I'm not mean. But I just wrote the words, "LeBron James has a receding hairline."

After James announced his return to Cleveland, it seemed the follicles on the front portion of his head had made a triumphant return as well. While introducing his new Nike LeBron 12 shoe on Sept. 16, James was photographed with a nice, full hairline.

He was sporting the same look during a Sprite event on Sept. 25. A mere 24 hours later during the Cavaliers' media day, however, James kept his entire forehead hidden behind a humongous headband.

And then the very next day, the Cleveland Plain Dealer published photos from the Cavaliers' first practice. Brace yourselves ...

Really can't say what's going on here. I can only say one thing with certainty:

LeBron James has a receding hairline.

At least for now.

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