Tiger Woods cards an 80 at Chambers Bay in first round of U.S. Open

Tiger Woods cards an 80 at Chambers Bay in first round of U.S. Open
Tiger Woods watches his tee shot on the 11th hole during the first round of the U.S. Open on Thursday at Chambers Bay Golf Course in University Place, Wash. (Mike Ehrmann / Getty Images)

As a train rolled by the 16th hole at Chambers Bay Thursday evening at the U.S. Open, Tiger Woods probably wished he could catch a ride out of town.

Dressed in black, Woods shot a 10-over par 80 in the first round of the 115th U.S. Open as he and his group, which included Rickie Fowler (11-over 81) and Louis Oosthuizen (seven-over 77) all struggled with the links-like course.

"At least I kicked Rickie's butt," Woods said after the round.

Woods opened the round with a pair of bogeys -- the first time he's done that since 2006. He then followed that up with six more down the stretch and a triple bogey on No. 14.

It wasn't all bad though for the 14-time major winner. He rallied off of three straight pars to end the front nine and opened the back with another. After that, his numbers just kept climbing.

Earlier in the day, Dustin Johnson and Henrik Stenson fared much better. The two finished five-under 65 tied for first with Patrick Reed right behind them at four-under.

Woods, Oosthuizen and Fowler will tee off Friday at 8:28 a.m.


Hole 1, Puget Sound: Par 4, 496 yards - Result: Bogey | Score: +1 (T64)


Tiger Woods open's the U.S. Open with a big drive down about 292 yards the middle of the fairway. No. 1 today has surrendered just seven birdies. Woods' second shot finds some deep fescue grass on an incline to the right of the hole. Woods chokes up on the club and puts himself in position for a putt for par. He comes up short. Bogey.

Hole 2, Foxy: Par 4, 387 yards - Result: Bogey | Score: +2 (T80)

Missed fairway. Woods doesn't end up in the tall grass, but he's off the right side of the fairway in the rough. It's not going to be an easy day for Woods. His second shot lands in the bunker about 35 yards from the hole. He gets up and he's got a chance to save par with a six-yard putt. He likes it all the way until the ball takes a slight turn at the hole. He bends his knees and looks down. Another bogey on the card.

Hole 3, Blown Out: Par 3, 165 yards - Result: Par | Score: +2 (T89)

Alright. Woods doesn't miss the fairway or the green. He's about six-yards from the hole and looking to get back one of those bogeys. Par is an improvement, but it takes two.

Hole 4, Hazard's Ascent: Par 4, 475 yards - Result: Bogey | Score: +3 (T113)

A big drive gets him close, but again he's deep in bunker territory to the right side bunker about 129 yards from the hole. Woods can use the backboard here to roll it back as long as he can get it up and over. He plays it safe, leaves the ball left of the hole off of the green, not that you can tell because of the grass. The long putt breaks just left of the hole then the short follow for par runs out of gas. Bogey.

Hole 5, Free Fall: Par 4, 503 yards - Result: Par | Score: +3 (T112)

Woods doesn't look happy about anything right now, but his tee shot hits the fairway. He's looking at an approach shot from about 199 yards out. His next shot goes left of the hole but he's not alone. Rickie Fowler joins him in the same spot about 25 yards from the hole. Woods' long putt rolls over the edge of the hole but gives him a chance to save par with a two-footer.

Hole 6, Deception Point: Par 4, 494 yards - Result: Bogey | Score: +4 (T122)

Another big drive satisfies Woods, who makes his way down the course with a bit more pep in his step after opening the day with back-to-back bogeys. He still missed the fairway to the right. Woods pops the ball up onto the green and he's looking at another real opportunity for birdie. No good. A short putt for par becomes another bogey.

Hole 11, Shadows: Par 4, 541 yards - Result: Bogey | Score: +5 (T133)

Woods sends his tee shot through the fairway with a 348 yard drive. He carries the bunkers on the way to the hole, but finds the rough off the right side of the green. Woods gets out of the tall grass and rolls the ball past the hole. The streak is over. Woods two-putts for his fifth bogey.

Hole 12, The Narrows: Par 4, 304 yards - Result: Bogey | Score: +6 (T139)

You can probably guess where the tee shot ended up. If you said right and in the tall grass off the fairway you'd be right. Strike that. Looks like he's so far off the fairway he's on the road but he's chosen to play the ball where it lies. The club takes a beating, but the ball sticks on the green. Woods misses the break on the putt for birdie. Two putts later and he's got his sixth bogey.

Hole 10, High Dunes: Par 4, 427 yards - Result: Par | Score: +4 (T116)

The drive goes right, but he's made three consecutive pars. Chambers Bay is still winning. Woods goes right again and he's in the bunker, again, right of the hole. He gets it out to a round of applause from the patrons near the hole and closes the deal. Four consecutive pars.

Hole 9, Olympus: Par 3, 203 yards - Result: Par | Score: +4 (T114)

The tee shot ends up on the front part of the green less than 10 yards from the hole on the second shortest hole of the day. He plays it safe and puts himself in position for another par putt. The whole group has struggled thus far with Rickie Fowler 8 over and Louis Oosthuizen also at 4 over.

Hole 8, High Road / Low Road: Par 5, 602 yards - Result: Par | Score: +4 (T113)

Woods slams his driver on the ground. He's deep in the tall fescue on a hill off the fairway to the right side. Woods jams the ground on his next shot, losing his club hitting off the hill and to make matters worse he's not on the other side of the course in the grass again. Woods recovers and gets a long attempt at birdie but the ball runs over the lip of the cup. Par is a victory here.

Hole 7, Humpback: Par 4, 515 yards - Result: Par | Score: +4 (T120)

Hole No. 7 has been one of the more difficult for players but Woods starts off good by hitting the fairway, down about 143 yards from the hole. Woods sets himself up for birdie again with a medium putt, but we've been here before. Woods gets away with a two-putt par after coming up just short for birdie.

Hole 13, Eagle Eye: Par 4, 534 yards - Result: Bogey | Score: +7 (T143)

At least he's consistent. Woods drives right again. He gets back onto the grass with his second shot and his third actually puts him in position to try for par. Those par holes seem so far away now after three consecutive bogeys.

Hole 14, Cape Fear: Par 4, 521 yards - Result: Triple bogey | Score: +10 (T153)

Woods hits the bunker on his tee shot and follows that up with another lie farther up in the same bunker. He's technically closer to the hole, but it's actually in a worse spot. His body language screams his displeasure he's still in the bunker after another shot. Then it takes him another three puts for the triple bogey. At this point, Woods is only in front of one other golfer: Rich Berberian Jr. +13. That could still change.

Hole 15, Lone Fir: Par 3, 167 yards - Result: Par | Score: +10 (T153)

After all that Woods will get a birdie attempt after sticking the tee shot about six-yards from the hole at No. 15. He lets out a sigh of relief. It's been a long day. The ball stops one rotation short of the hole. He makes par, but it doesn't feel like it.

Hole 16, Beached: Par 4, 394 yards - Result: Birdie | Score: +9 (T150)

Rickie Fowler delayed his tee shot as the train rolled by the 16th hole slowing up the play of the group which includes Louis Oosthuizen and Tiger Woods which has thus struggled with the course. All three hit the fairway though and are just a few holes away from calling it a day. His approach left his four feet for birdie. It's his first of the day.


Hole 17, Derailed: Par 3, 190 yards - Result: Par | Score: +9 (T150)


The drive doesn't go left or right and actually ends up in a good spot near the hole. Woods will get a chance for his second birdie of the day. The putt lags behind the hole and he'll have to make another five or six foot putt for par. He does it. One more hole left.

Hole 18, Tahoma: Par 5 604 yards - Result: | Score: +10 (T150)

Woods hits a fairway on his drive but his second shot ends up in a bunker no one thought would be in play. He popped out of the trap and finished the first round with another bogey.

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