Mallory Edens becomes an instant celebrity after NBA draft lottery

Mallory Edens is literally an overnight sensation.

The 18-year-old daughter of Milwaukee Bucks co-owner Wesley Edens had 249 Twitter followers before the NBA draft lottery on Tuesday night.

After representing her dad’s team at the yearly ping-pong-ball pull, Edens was approaching 31,000 followers by early Wednesday morning.

Folks online are comparing her to Katherine Webb or Pippa Middleton, two other young women who achieved celebrity-like status by simply looking good on TV, even though none of them were meant to be the primary focus of whatever program they were on.


And that’s not to say that looks are the only thing any of those women have to offer; it’s just all we have to go on at the time they capture our attention.

The tens of thousands of people who have started following Edens on Twitter in the last couple of hours didn’t do so due to any thoughtful insights from the high school senior. We know this because she hasn’t shared any on the social media site -- she seems to be a relative newcomer to Twitter, with only 15 tweets and almost all of them retweets.

But judging from what little information we have about Edens, she seems like a nice person. She handled herself well in representing the Bucks, who ended up with the No. 2 overall pick, and was beaming when she talked about the experience afterward.

“My dad sort of asked me in passing one day and I thought he was joking,” she told TV. “But here I am, so apparently it was not a joke.”


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