Why is Tiger Woods so bummed after leaving Mark Cuban 'dead broke?'

Tiger Woods is a fun guy to be around.

Need some proof? Check out this Instagram video shot by Dallas Mavericks owner Mark Cuban during last weekend's annual Tiger Jam event in Las Vegas to benefit the Tiger Woods Foundation:

See how much fun everyone is having? That's Lynn Gilmartin from Fox Sports laughing about how Cuban "hijacked my Periscope" to shoot the video at what looks like a gambling table.

And Cuban appears to be having the time of his life, even though he claims Woods left him "broke ... dead broke." Even though that statement is very likely an exaggeration, one doesn't become a billionaire by yukking it up even when he loses the smallest amount of change.

But that's just how much of a blast this bash was. Check out the host of the event, the man of the hour, the life of the party ...

Um, yeah. Not so much.

Maybe Woods doesn't appreciate being called a "sore winner" by Cuban. Perhaps he's still bummed about his breakup with Lindsey Vonn. Or maybe he has figured out that money -- even the insane amount that Cuban has -- just doesn't buy happiness.

Whatever the reason, looks like the guy the event's named after is having the least amount of fun.

Cheer up, Tiger!

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