Mike Ditka: Redskins name debate fueled by ‘politically correct idiots’

Mike Ditka
ESPN analyst Mike Ditka, shown in 2007, thinks the Washington football team should continue to be called the Redskins.
(Win McNamee / Getty Images)

Mike Ditka has weighed in on the Redskins name debate.

Boy, has he ever!

The legendary NFL player and coach didn’t hold back in a recent interview, telling the Redskins Historian website in no uncertain terms that Washington’s football team absolutely, positively and without a doubt should keep its name, no matter who it offends.

Because, according to Ditka, those who are offended are merely “politically correct idiots” and “liberals who complain about everything” who are “silly” and “asinine.”


The current ESPN NFL analyst also calls the controversy “stupid,” “appalling” and a bad word that means horse feces.

“I hope that owner keeps fighting for it and never changes it, because the Redskins are part of American football history and they should never be anything but the Washington Redskins,” Ditka said. “That’s the way it is.”

Well there you have it ... oh, wait, he’s not done.

“It’s been the name of the team since the beginning of football,” Ditka continued. “It has nothing to do with something that happened lately or something that somebody dreamed up. This was the name, period. Leave it alone.”


He’s actually still not done, but you get the picture. He’s pretty fired up.

But in case you want to hear the rant in its full glory, here it is (but be forewarned about that bad word). It’s actually very entertaining, even if you don’t agree with him. Especially if you don’t agree with him.

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