Paris riots: Watch melee in streets after Paris Saint-Germain parade

Paris Saint-Germain won its first Ligue 1 title in 19 years with a 1-0 victory over Lyon at Lyon, France, on Sunday night, and in the fine tradition of soccer hooligans everywhere, some of the team’s fans decided to celebrate with some rioting.

A celebratory parade was held in Paris on Monday, with the members of Paris Saint-Germain, including former Galaxy star David Beckham, taking part. Fans quickly grew out of control, however, and the parade ended only five minutes after it began, as the players were escorted to safety.

According to Paris police commissioner Bernard Boucault, it took 800 police officers to contain the riot. There were 30 injuries and 21 arrests.

“The conclusion you can draw is that there won’t be more any more events like this in a public place for Paris Saint-Germain,” Boucault said.

“Today should have been a day of celebration for the city of Paris,” the club said in a statement late Monday night. “The party was spoiled by a few hundred troublemakers who have nothing to do with football.”


You can watch video of the riot above.


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