Hey, Ryan Braun, an asterisk was your idea

Milwaukee Brewers outfielder Ryan Braun accepted a 65-game suspension by Major League Baseball last month for using performance-enhancing drugs.
(Joe Sargent / Getty Images)
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So, Ryan Braun, how should history regard your most valuable player award? Should we brand it with an asterisk?

That was your idea, after all. You have not offered to return your MVP award, and the Baseball Writers Assn. of America has not withdrawn the award.

However, we keep hearing you are on the verge of a public apology. You supposedly plan to stand up, once and for all, and admit that you lied all those times that you denied using performance-enhancing drugs. You might even say you’re sorry for pointing fingers at just about everyone but yourself.


And then what? For what are you truly sorry? For getting caught? You escaped once, with an army of sharp lawyers, but the evidence was so overwhelming this time that you cut a deal. Your team was done for the season, so you could be done too, and no one could touch the $127 million you still would have coming.

Don’t worry about what someone else tells you to say. Live up to your own words.

Here they are, from 2002, in an era when Barry Bonds and Co. were obliterating home run records. You were a star shortstop at Granada Hills High, and this is what you said: “I think everyone should be putting an asterisk next to the recent records because of steroids.”

If you really want to own up to your mistakes, then own up to your words. Tell us whether you wish to vacate the MVP award or put an asterisk next to it.


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