Tony Gwynn on medical leave because of ongoing cancer treatments

Tony Gwynn talks about San Diego State's baseball team while watching a practice session.
(Chris Park / Associated Press)

Hall of Famer Tony Gwynn has been on leave from San Diego State, where he coaches the school’s baseball team, for much of the season because of ongoing cancer treatments, the San Diego Union-Tribune reported Tuesday.

The paper talked to Gwynn by phone.

“I have no comment, other than to say I’m doing good,” said Gwynn, 53. “That’s all I can say. But nobody believes me because there hasn’t been any information out there. But, trust me, I’m doing good.”

The school released a statement Tuesday saying that “Tony Gwynn is currently on a leave of absence from the Aztec baseball program while dealing with health issues. Gwynn is recuperating at this time and there is no set timetable for his return to coaching duties.


“Coach Gwynn has been on a medical leave of absence from the San Diego State Baseball program since March 24. Prior to that period, health issues had forced him to intermittently be away from the program.”

Gwynn had surgery to remove cancerous lymph nodes and tumors from his salivary glands in August 2010 and had surgery to remove a malignant tumor from the inside of his right cheek in February 2012. He has stated in the past that he believes the cancer was caused by years of chewing tobacco.


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