Super Bowl MVP Julian Edelman has a great white shark named after him

Like Tom Brady and Rob Gronkowski before him, New England Patriots' Julian Edelman now has an animal named after him.
(Charles Krupa / Associated Press)

Tom Brady is a baby cockroach.

Rob Gronkowski is a racehorse.

And, now, Julian Edelman is a great white shark.

“Meet Jules!” the Atlantic White Shark Conservancy tweeted Friday of the sea creature whose name was inspired by the New England Patriots wide receiver and punt returner.

Jules the shark follows in the footsteps of hissing cockroach Tom Brady, which Zoo Atlanta named after the Patriots quarterback following the Falcons’ loss in Super Bowl LI, and 2018 Belmont Stakes runner-up Gronkowski, namesake of the recently retired Patriots tight end.

The AWSC said Jules was originally tagged for research purposes in 2011. While he has been reliably returning to the area every year since, Jules lost his tag at some point and went without until researchers finally caught up with him earlier this week.


The group said the shark’s elusive moves brought to mind Edelman, who is one of Brady’s most reliable targets and was named MVP of Super Bowl LIII.

“Like @Edelman11, he dropped his coverage and his squirrelly behavior made it hard to get a new tag in him,” the conservancy tweeted. “Hard work pays off, and he was retagged Tuesday.”