Letters: Don’t worry, Astros, readers haven’t forgotten about you

How NFL teams are approaching the Rooney Rule.
(Jim Thompson / For The Times)

Last week, one reader suggested that any player who was with the Astros in 2017 or the Red Sox in 2018 should be required to wear a black patch on his uniform for the remainder of his career, regardless of the team he is playing for.

Rather than that, I would hope that anyone wearing a World Series ring from 2017 and 2018 would see their finger turn green.

Steve Horvitz

Los Angeles


If there’s anyone out there who believes that Jose Altuve didn’t want his jersey ripped off because he’s shy, please call me. I have some pristine swamp land I’d like to sell you.

Marty Foster

San Francisco


After reading Bill Plaschke’s column, I’m convinced that the best thing that’s happened to the Dodgers is the sign-stealing scandal. Now Bill and diehard Dodgers fans can moan and cry forever about being cheated and pretend that the team actually won the 2017 World Series. They can hang a banner at Dodger Stadium proclaiming their championship season to make themselves feel even better.

Charles Reilly

Manhattan Beach


Why would the Dodgers want the 2017 World Series trophy and why would the Astros want to keep it? It has a major stink.


Rob Cunningham

Laguna Niguel


How LZ Granderson can weave “white privilege” into a column about cheating in baseball is the straw that has broken this camel’s back. We are long time subscribers, and I pretty much learned to read by reading the paper at my parents’ breakfast table, but The Times has become nothing more than a racial scorecard. It’s exhausting, and slanted beyond any rational measures.

Mark Elliott

La Crescenta


We knew MLB gave up on cheating when A-Rod showed up doing color on Fox at the World Series.

Emily Laetz



Bill Waxman’s letter last week regarding Dodgers telecasts is symptomatic of the distorted thinking of so many entitled Dodger fans. He claims that he’s being “robbed” of viewer access, but guess what? To be robbed presupposes ownership and the right to a product, and no one has an inherent right to Dodgers telecasts (or Ferraris). If the owner doesn’t want to sell you his product, then you’re out of luck. Conversely, if you don’t want to buy some product, then the owner is out of luck.
No one has a right to someone else’s property. That’s what freedom means.

Mike Berliner

Los Angeles

Hoop schemes

Bill Plaschke’s contention that before Kobe arrived “folks seemed content for the Lakers to entertain,” is an insult to longtime Lakers fans.

To paraphrase Jerry Buss after the Lakers beat the Celtics in 1985 for the championship after losing to them in ’84 (and many previous seasons) “now one of the most odious sentences in the history of the English language can never be said again: The Lakers have never beaten the Celtics.”

Ken Feldman



Now that Kawhi Leonard has made the All-Star team, will he actually play or will he take one of his “load management” days and miss the game?

Chris Sorce

Fountain Valley

Climate change

Perhaps the teenage climate activist Greta Thunberg might have an opinion on the new 70,000-seat football stadium in Inglewood. I’m guessing that the number of cars showing up on a regular basis for events will result in a rather large carbon footprint. Add this to the daily guest count of other venues around southern California — Dodger and Angel Stadiums (56,000 and 45,000), Santa
Anita (26,000+), Staples Center (20,000), Disneyland (44,000) — well, you get the picture.

Millions of cars per year attributed to activities that are unnecessary and, in this time of climate awareness, irresponsible, simply to appease the entertainment appetites of millions of people? Greta, sic ‘em!

Larry Wright

Long Beach

Old college try

I have followed UCLA basketball since the early ’60s. During that period I have not witnessed a coach who demonstrates such negativity as Mick Cronin. He is so intent on being the “anti-Alford,” the pressure is palpable.

It’s one thing to stress defense. It’s another to humiliate and publicly criticize your team. Players are immediately subbed out for minor infractions on both offense and defense creating a mind-set of lack of confidence and demoralization. It is my hope that Cronin will be successful at UCLA. He will not be should he continue on the current path.

Arlando Smith

San Jose


Is there a Fans Portal for USC football supporters?

John Marks

Newport Beach


The UCLA football program lacks maturity. At 6-4 and 235 pounds and possessing great hands, I would qualify as a graduate transfer student. I could bring years of experience to the team and perhaps give them the spark they require to play competitive football. The only problem I see is that I may have lost a step or two at the age of 72, but I am willing to try.

William Sinn

Los Angeles

One vote!

I’m 99.7% certain the one obstinate baseball writer who inexplicably kept Derek Jeter off his Hall of Fame ballot knows absolutely nothing about the great game he writes about.

Steve Ross

Beverly Hills

Blame game

Does Sean McVay really think it’s the defense’s fault they lost in the Super Bowl last year? Does he really think it’s John Fassel’s fault that they didn’t make the playoffs this year? It seems the biggest changes need to happen on the offensive side. McVay’s play-calling and “forgetting” how to use Todd Gurley are the biggest culprits in their recent demise.

Time for McVay to invest in a mirror.

Danny Balber Jr.


That’s rich

With Kansas City winning the Lamar Hunt AFC Championship trophy, we should remember the remark made by H.L. Hunt, the oil tycoon and father of Lamar, when asked about his son’s $1-million loss in running the early AFL, “I guess,” he drawled, “he’ll only be able to run that league for 150 years.”

David Wilczynski

Manhattan Beach


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