Another Super Bowl parade, another legendary speech by a Kelce


The Kelce brothers certainly have a way with words.

Two years after his older brother set the gold standard for memorably unhinged speeches at Super Bowl victory parades, Kansas City tight end Travis Kelce gave an unforgettable monologue of his own Wednesday as the Chiefs and the city celebrated their first NFL championship in 50 years.

Kelce screamed Beastie Boys lyrics. He made funny noises. He paid tribute to World War I veterans. He blew raspberries so intense that his teammates likely were glad they wore goggles for the occasion.

“21 years. Y’all know what that means? Everybody here’s thinking, oh, that’s when can, y’know, I mean, leeegally get a drink, yeeeaaahhhnnnhhh!” a sometimes-hoarse Kelce yelled into a microphone he practically didn’t need.


“Naaaaaw! 21 years, that’s how long it’s just been turning for my guy Andy Reeeeid, uhhhhhhnnnn. It’s just been turrrnin’, and turrrnin’ and TURNINNNNN’! AND WHAT WE DO?! WHAT WE DO?! WE UNLEASH A CAN OF WHOOPASS ON EVERYBODY!”

Kelce seems to have learned from the best. Check out the wild and wacky (and expletive-filled) speech delivered by Philadelphia center Jason Kelce during the Eagles’ Super Bowl parade in 2018.

Those two must have been a handful while growing up. Here’s a little taste of what it might have been like babysitting the Kelce brothers on any given evening: