Shaq has stopped shaving his head, and his hairline is a sight to behold


Shaquille O’Neal once had hair. Really. Just check out some of his video clips from his time at Louisiana State or early on with the Orlando Magic.

Of course, those are from decades ago. The Shaq we’ve grown to know and love has a smooth, shiny, hair-free head.

And now we know why.

After losing a bet with TNT colleague Dwyane Wade, O’Neal stopped shaving his head and handled his analyst duties on the network Tuesday night with his hairline exposed for the world to see.


And what a sight it was.

Shaq’s head
(Twitter / @NBAonTNT)

“I look good,” O’Neal said during the broadcast. “I’m proud to do it and I’m keeping it like this all week.”

Shaq’s co-hosts got a good laugh out of his new look.


So did his employers.

The Diesel didn’t care. In fact, he encouraged viewers to post their harshest reactions online.

“You’re not going to hurt my feelings,” O’Neal said. “Send me your tweets. Be as mean as you can.”

He echoed the sentiment on Instagram, promising a free Invicta watch for whoever comes up with the “hardest cruelest comments.”


There’s been some worthy contenders so far:

“Hairline so far back its a back court violation”

“So far back it ain’t even a fade it’s a mullet”


“Boy you lucky you tall only one really seeing the top of your head is God and he said this is not what he gave you free will for”

“Even Steph Curry can’t hit threes from behind your hairline”

“Bro that hairline is so far back it’s still listening to grunge music”

“When you cut your your big toe nail too short”


“Hairline so far back it’s really just back hair that went up his head”

“Put some jelly on that hairline call it space jam”

"@shaq hairline didn’t recede, it surrendered”

And, of course, there have been numerous comparisons to the hairlines of LeBron James, Cedric the Entertainer and Stephen A. Smith.


True to his word, Shaq didn’t seem to take offense at any of the comments. An hour later, he was back on Instagram literally singing the praises of his wonderfully bizarre hairline.