Behind the scenes with ‘The Last Dance’ documentary series


Coverage of ESPN’s “The Last Dance” documentary series, featuring behind-the-scenes stories about Michael Jordan, the Chicago Bulls, Kobe Bryant, Dennis Rodman, Carmen Electra and recaps from every episode.

The final episodes of the ESPN Michael Jordan documentary ‘The Last Dance’ aired on Sunday night. Here are the biggest takeaways.

Michael Jordan owned up to his competitiveness, which at times bordered on ruthlessness, in ESPN’s ‘The Last Dance’and does not apologize for it.

Jason Hehir, the director of “The Last Dance,” experienced his most powerful moment with Michael Jordan in his very first interview.

NBA players react on social media to Episodes 9 and 10 of the ESPN Michael Jordan documentary, “The Last Dance.”

BetOnline has released the odds for a number of prop bets for the final two episodes of ‘The Last Dance’ series, which are scheduled to be broadcast Sunday night.

The latest episodes of ESPN’s Michael Jordan series explores the Bulls star’s first retirement, the murder of his father and his baseball dalliance.

Michael Jordan often created a rivalry with an opponent like LaBradford Smith over a perceived slight to help fuel a desire to dominate on the court.

While Charles Barkley might disagree, Michael Jordan likely would have developed into a major league prospect had he stuck with baseball.

LeBron James and other NBA players react on social media to Episodes 7 and 8 of the ESPN Michael Jordan documentary, “The Last Dance.”

Michael Jordan ridiculed Kobe Bryant during the early part of the Lakers star’s budding career. Bryant, however, slowly earned Jordan’s respect.

The latest episodes of ESPN’s Michael Jordan documentary produce more tales of triumph, but also chip at his image as a teammate and examine his gambling issues.

Jordan could win the adoration of white America, but only as long as he didn’t talk about what it meant to be black in America.

Episode 5 of ‘The Last Dance’ is dedicated to Kobe Bryant. It features Magic Johnson recalling Michael Jordan’s relationship with Bryant, columnist Arash Markazi writes.

A peek inside ‘Jordan Dome,’ the massive basketball facility that Warner Bros. built for the superstar during filming of ‘Space Jam.’

Joe Pytka remembers directing Michael Jordan in the Looney Tunes crossover “Space Jam,” featured in the latest episode of ESPN’s “The Last Dance.”

Michael Jordan’s famous competitiveness produced six NBA titles. It also generated juicy gambling tales, which include reported seven-figure losses.

NBA players react to Episodes 5 and 6 of ‘The Last Dance,’ which features the relationship between NBA superstars Michael Jordan and Kobe Bryant.

The story of Kobe Bryant and Michael Jordan sharing the court the last time on March 28, 2003, when the kid scored 55 points and the G.O.A.T. had 23.

NBC broadcaster Ahmad Rashad recalls his interview with Michael Jordan about accusations of a gambling problem that dogged the Chicago Bulls star.

Former Clippers guard Jamal Crawford shares his thoughts about “The Last Dance” documentary and talks about one of his first meetings with Michael Jordan.

When producers of “The Last Dance” announced a new date for the series to debut, they had finished only three of the 10 episodes. The final episode still is not complete.

The second installment of ESPN’s Michael Jordan documentary series tells the story of the birth of the Chicago Bulls’ dynasty and its two star rebels.

The much-anticipated Michael Jordan docuseries will be the Super Bowl of the sports shutdown: It also will paint a very human picture of No. 23.

Actress and former pinup Carmen Electra recalls her romance with Dennis Rodman in ESPN’s “The Last Dance,” about Michael Jordan and the Chicago Bulls.

The third and fourth episodes of “The Last Dance” showcase the methods of Chicago Bulls coach Phil Jackson and the oddities of Dennis Rodman.

NBA players react to Episodes 3 and 4 of ESPN’s “The Last Dance,” a 10-part documentary about the Michael Jordan-led Chicago Bulls dynasty.

Here is a look at some reactions to the debut of Episodes 1 and 2 of “The Last Dance” docuseries on Michael Jordan and the 1997-98 Chicago Bulls season.

Jerry Krause decided to break up the Bulls before the 1997-98 season after it had won consecutive titles. That looked worse another championship later.

ESPN and Netflix co-production “The Last Dance” features intimate, never-before-seen footage of Michael Jordan’s final winning season with the Bulls.

From the start, Michael Jordan understood the value of his brand. His ESPN docuseries is his reminder to a new generation that he’s still the GOAT.

ESPN and Netflix’s docuseries “The Last Dance,” about Michael Jordan and the Chicago Bulls, is ambitious sports storytelling at a moment we’re aching for it.