Letters: Rams fans seem ready to sack Jared Goff

Cartoon depicting Jared Goff as an albatross sinking the Rams.
(Jim Thompson / For The Times)

Two teams on different coasts with the same issue. In 2016, the Rams and Eagles both drafted franchise quarterbacks, Jared Goff and Carson Wentz. After initial strong play, each quarterback was given a bloated, multiyear contract, making both untradeable.

Fast forward to 2020, when both the Rams and Eagles are saddled with expensive franchise quarterbacks who are dragging down the fortunes of the rest of the team. The solution ... trade Goff for Wentz. Each QB gets a fresh start with a new coach and team, and each team parts ways with its “untradeable” Achilles heel. Win-win (or perhaps lose-lose)?

Nick Rose
Newport Coast


Gee, it took Bill Plaschke this long to figure out that Jared Goff is not the next Tom Brady but really the incarnation of Jim Everett. Those Rams teams had a stellar defense as well, and Everett was hailed as the next great QB who would finally raise the Lombardi Trophy in a Rams uniform.

Sadly, just like Everett, Goff gets happy feet in the pocket and throws erratic balls to the other team too. OK, Goff did get the Rams to the Super Bowl, but he and they ran into Bill Belicheck, who knew he wasn’t going against the next golden boy. Well, at least Goff hasnt’t fallen to the ground yet and taken a phantom sack like Everett did, but the real question is: When is someone going to say maybe Jeff Fisher was right all along?

Bill Consolo
Del Aire



Sean McVay insists on being the play-caller and seems to freeze under pressure worse than his QB. It’s like an elementary school teacher who teaches all the subjects, which is fine for that level but not for higher education. McVay, be the principal.

Michael Gray
Yorba Linda


Perhaps Jeff Fisher is owed an apology for the criticism he received from the media and the fans for not being able to change Jared Goff from a befuddled rookie into a pro quarterback in one season. From the 2019 Super Bowl through last Sunday’s game against Seattle, Goff appears to be more befuddled and disinterested than ever. From his body language it looks like Goff does not like to play football, but plays because his parents made him.

Even the current boy genius, Sean McVay, cannot prevent Goff’s befuddlement under pressure during the most routine moments. Unfortunately for the Rams, it is impossible for any coach to instill into a player the necessary intensity and competitiveness required to be a quarterback in the NFL. So sorry Jeff, you did the best you could.

Russell Beecher
Canyon Lake


Jared Goff — the second coming of Ryan Leaf or Mark Sanchez?

Thomas Filip


A simple fix for the offensive Rams, get the football more often in the hands of Robert Woods.

David Marshall
Santa Monica


For Rams fans tired of Jared Goff’s maddeningly inconsistent play, they can hope for a repeat of Lou Gehrig replacing Wally Pipp in the Yankees lineup in 1925. Could John Wolford be 2020’s Lou Gehrig? Stay tuned.

Ken Blake

Your move, Dodgers

Andrew Friedman’s yearly offseason strategy is to secure winning the NL West division. If the season started today, the Dodgers would not be favorites. So I’m very excited about the Padres adding Blake Snell and Yu Darvish because now Friedman has to upgrade to win the division, and that puts DJ LeMahieu, Nolan Arenado and Trevor Bauer, among others, in play.

Let the games begin.

Allan Kandel
Los Angeles


Watch out, Dodgers, because those feisty Padres are really cooking this offseason. Can Yu Snell it?

Steve Ross
Beverly Hills


You gotta love L.A. media getting all excited about the Dodgers picking up a guy who’s pitched one inning in the majors and another guy who had Tommy John surgery and won’t be pitching until next year.

Brian Hews

So predictable

Nostradamus’ sports headlines, 2021:

— Blue Jays third baseman Justin Turner not selected for President Biden’s wear-a-mask promotion.

— In lieu of canceled March Madness tournament, Gonzaga’s Corey Kispert defeats Baylor’s Macio Teague in the NCAA H-O-R-S-E finals; Kispert’s no-look left-handed hook shot off the window earns the “E”.

— Arte Moreno promises more pitching; Angels finish 14th in AL ERA.

— Dodgers fans complain about the bullpen, demand Dave Roberts be fired, and yell “I knew we’d win!” when the Bums trounce the Yanks in a five-game Series.

— Steve Ballmer trades Kawhi Leonard and Paul George for Giannis Antetokounmpo; Clippers go up 3-1 vs. Lakers and lose in seven.

— After doping and breakdown scandals at Santa Anita, Congress suspends thoroughbred racing in the U.S. for one year. The Stronach Group announces development of an Amazon Fulfillment Center.

— Boosters clamor for Clay Helton and Chip Kelly to be fired; Mike Bohn and Martin Jarmond instead hire new sports nutritionists.

— A week after writing a piece that infuriates Rams and Chargers fans, Bill Plaschke writes a human interest story about Jon Arnett and Lance Alworth that brings lumps to the throats of Rams and Chargers fans alike.

Dave Sanderson
La Cañada

Unmasked Man

It is shameful that Mick Cronin would go the entire span of the game against Utah with his mask tucked under his chin. It may as well have been in his pocket. His lack of personal responsibility endangered all the players and referees at whom he spent the game yelling. AD Martin Jarmond should have a talk with Mick about respecting the dignity of his position.

Dave Lynch

T*mp* B*y f*n

Just want to remind everyone to put a huge asterisk before all 2020 stats.

Unless my Bucs win the Super Bowl, then never mind.

Wes Correll

No joke

As much as I look forward to the letters in the Sports section on Saturday, I anticipate Jim Thompson’s clever and fabulous topical drawings even more. And yet I’ve never seen an acknowledgement of his incredible talent. As Phil Jackson might say, “Give the man some #%!@&* credit!” Brilliant.

Paul Updegrove
Sherman Oaks


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