Super Bowl LV prop bets: Wager on nuptials, nostrils and more

Tampa Bay Buccaneers quarterback Tom Brady reacts after winning the NFC championship on Jan. 24.
Tom Brady is 43 and will be playing in his 10th Super Bowl. Which tidbit will be mentioned first during Sunday’s broadcast? That’s one of a multitude of prop bets that can be made on the big game.
(Matt Ludtke / Associated Press)

Tom Brady is 43 years old. He will play in his 10th Super Bowl on Sunday when his Tampa Bay Buccaneers face Patrick Mahomes and the Kansas City Chiefs.

Both of those facts are sure to be mentioned during CBS’ broadcast of the big game.

But which one will be brought up first?

Odds are, Jim Nantz, Tony Romo or any of their on-air colleagues will mention the number of times Brady has played for the NFL championship (5-7 odds from before speaking about the number of times the GOAT quarterback has been around the sun (1-1 odds).

With several hours of airtime to fill, the announcers are sure to bring up lots of fun facts about the star quarterbacks, creating other wacky prop bets for people who are into that sort of thing. Such as . . .


Mahomes will become a father and husband in the near future. But which tidbit from the Chiefs quarterback’s personal life will leave a broadcaster’s lips first? Impending daddyhood (2-3) is favored over upcoming nuptials (11-10).

Everything you need to know about the 2021 Super Bowl between the Chiefs and Buccaneers, including start time, location, TV channel and halftime show.

Feb. 1, 2021

Also, did you know Mahomes, 25, was in kindergarten when Brady played in his first Super Bowl? The over/under on the number of times the word “kindergarten” is uttered during the broadcast is 0.5.

Here’s some more prop bets for Super Bowl LV:

Kansas City Chiefs quarterback Patrick Mahomes
Kansas City Chiefs quarterback Patrick Mahomes celebrates after the AFC championship game.
(Reed Hoffmann / Associated Press)

Who will be the Super Bowl MVP?

Mahomes (20-23)

Brady (12-5)

Travis Kelce (10-1)

Tyreek Hill (12-1)

Chris Godwin (33-1)

Leonard Fournette (33-1)

Mike Evans (33-1)

Antonio Brown (TB) (50-1)

Clyde Edwards-Helaire (50-1)

Jason Pierre-Paul (66-1)

Le’Veon Bell (150-1)

Which coach’s nostrils will be seen first during the game?

Bruce Arians (1-2)

Andy Reid (3-2)

Andy Reid’s childhood friends from Los Angeles talk about what it was like to grow up and play football with the future Kansas City Chiefs coach.

Feb. 1, 2021

Passing props

Most likely to throw four or more touchdown passes — Mahomes (9-4) over Brady (15-4)

First to throw a touchdown pass — Mahomes (5-7) over Brady (11-10)

First to throw an interception — Brady (20-33) over Mahomes (27-20)

Total passing yards combined — over/under 635.5

Which will be higher, Edwards-Helaire’s rushing yards or winning QB’s age?

Edwards-Helaire’s yards (1-2)

Winning quarterback’s age (2-3)

(Edwards-Helaire topped 43 yards seven times during the regular season and ran for more than 25 yards 11 times.)

How long will the national anthem last?

Over/under 2 minutes

On Sunday, Eric Church will perform the anthem with R&B singer Jazmine Sullivan. “We’re unifying. And it’s a time in our country when we have to do that.”

Feb. 2, 2021

How many times will Bill Belichick and the New England Patriots be mentioned?

Belichick over/under 1

Patriots over/under 2

How will the first defensive or special teams touchdown be scored?

There won’t be any (1-3)

Interception return (3-1)

Fumble return (5-1)

Punt return (10-1)

Kickoff return (12-1)

What word will Tomy Romo say first?

Read (1-1)

Penetration (2-1)

Blitz (9-4)

A-Gap (3-1)

Trick Play (15-2)

How long will Amanda Gorman’s pregame poem last?

Over/under 284.5 seconds

The NFL announced Wednesday that Amanda Gorman, L.A.’s celebrated inauguration poet, will recite an original piece at the Super Bowl next month.

Jan. 27, 2021

What will MVP reference first in his speech?

Teammates (1-1)

God/religion (9-4)

USA (7-1)

Winning city (7-1)

Family (9-1)

Coaches (10-1)

Team Owner (20-1)

Which will be higher, Brady’s passing yards or GameStop’s closing price?

Brady’s passing yards in Super Bowl LV (2-7)

Closing price of GameStop Corp. on Friday (9-4)

What song will halftime performer The Weeknd play first?

“Blinding Lights” (9-5)

“Save Your Tears” (2-1)

“Pray for Me” (5-2)

“Can’t Feel My Face” (3-1)

“Starboy” (3-1)

“I Feel It Coming” (9-1)

“The Hills” (10-1)

“Hawái” (10-1)

“In Your Eyes” (12-1)

“Earned It” (16-1)

“Love Me Harder” (16-1)

“Lost in the Fire” (20-1)

As the NFL hurtles toward Super Bowl LV in coronavirus-induced fits and starts, R&B pop star the Weeknd is chosen to headline its 2021 halftime show.

Nov. 12, 2020

How many total points will be scored?

50 to 56 (17-4)

43 to 49 (9-2)

57 to 63 (9-2)

78 or more (5-1)

64 to 70 (11-2)

36 to 42 (6-1)

71 to 77 (15-2)

29 to 35 (10-1)

22 to 28 (22-1)

15 to 21 (50-1)

0 to 14 (150-1)

Which Tampa Bay team will score more times this weekend?

Buccaneers touchdowns (2-3)

Lightning goals (11-10)

With the Super Bowl in L.A. next year, businesses are signing up for NFL programs established to promote diversity and share corporate dollars.

Feb. 1, 2021

Will a player be ejected?

No (1-25)

Yes (9-1)

Will Tom Brady attempt to high-five an official?

No (1-15)

Yes (6-1)