Letters to Sports: Turning blue over Dodgers decisions

Dodgers manager Dave Roberts looks over from the dugout.
(Alex Gallardo / Associated Press)

We like Dave Roberts, he is a really nice guy. However, some of his strategic moves are really perplexing. He has “toyed” with moving Cody Bellinger in the lineup long enough! Putting Cody in the 4 spot, 5 spot, 6 spot, and now the 8 spot has not worked. We are fighting for a playoff spot. Automatic outs are too big of a liability. Nobody plays defense that well! Let’s give someone else a chance to help the Dodgers win a pennant.

Ed Sandell


Dave Roberts stated Max Muncy was scratched from the lineup not because of being hit in the back with a pitch but merely a product of playing seven days in a row, to which Cal Ripken replied … well you can guess what he would have replied!

David Hardison



I firmly believe that Little League pitchers can be much more effective than the current pasture of Dodger aimers. Get rid of Kershaw. He gets injured every year. May might not. Missed the entire year. Maybe they’ll eke into the wild-card playoff. They won’t win.

Steve Hilmer
Minocqua, Wis.


I never thought I would see the day that the Dodgers home uniforms would be a color other than their classic white. It looked like the Smurfs made a baseball movie. Later I tuned in to the Rams game and saw their uniforms. My initial thought was that the Dodgers game went into extra innings.

Mark Kaenel
Corvallis, Ore.

Court of Bauer

While I agree with Jessica Luther that we’ll never fully know what happened with Trevor Bauer, I disagree with her assertion that our culture assumes the woman is always lying. Maybe 10, 20 years ago, but our current culture seems to always assume that the woman is telling the truth.

Since Bauer’s accuser went public, Bauer has not been able to pitch. He has been vilified publicly. I have not seen much empathy expressed for him by anyone. We’ve read that his teammates don’t want him back. Hardly an assumption of innocence on his part.

I’m not defending Bauer. What he is accused of is awful, but he has not been harassing or pursuing this woman since their last encounter, so there’s no need for a restraining order. For Luther to claim that society has been taking Bauer’s side in this situation is completely off base.

Keith Burrus


The refusal of the judge to grant a permanent restraining order against Trevor Bauer proves once again that our court system works in spite of the self-proclaimed Judge Plaschke and the like. The court in its wisdom found that Mr. Bauer stayed within the boundaries established by the alleged victim and justice has once again been served.

Barry Rubin
Beverly Hills

Kicking around UCLA

I realize that due to UCLA’s mediocre (at best) football program, COVID, and a 19-mile trip to Pasadena the school is desperate to fill seats at the Rose Bowl. But whose idea was it to give high school kids free tickets just in time to take advantage of the resumption of beer sales?

If I were A.D. Jarmond, I would schedule a few games at Drake Stadium (the track stadium) where a real “home game” can be played and the kids can just walk out of their dorms to support the team. This would allow for a small but spirited crowd, no booze, and hopefully no boos.

Mike Anderson
Sherman Oaks


So UCLA is paying about $10 million a year to its mediocre football coaching staff. In order to pay for this UCLA is going to start selling booze at the Rose Bowl. They are also worried about the poor showing an empty stadium would make when they play LSU so they are going to give free tickets to high school students to pump up attendance.

In a time of COVID and economic stress it seems UCLA’s priorities are set more by its pocketbook than by science or academic purpose. UCLA does itself a dishonor by these acts.

Glen Mowrer
Santa Barbara

Alliance issues

The Pac-12, Big Ten, and ACC Alliance claims that a primary motivation for creating this collaboration is that it “cares about the welfare of the student-athlete.” Right, just like OPEC’s primary motivation is the welfare of its citizens. Best to follow Deep Throat’s advice: “Follow the money.”

Dave Sanderson
La Canada Flintridge


Ironically, I wanted to watch the Alliance announcement live to learn the genesis but it aired on the Pac-12 Network and I can’t find the Pac-12 Network, which probably explains why the Alliance was formed in the first place.

Steve Ross
Beverly Hills

Dudley decision

Out of one side of his mouth, Bill Plaschke complained the Lakers were too old. From the other side of his mouth, he advocated for signing a 36-year-old who never played. So which is it, Bill? If [Jared] Dudley really wanted to stay, he could’ve become an assistant coach and filled the locker room with the same voice.

Geno Apicella

On point with Pacquiao

Dylan Hernandez nailed it on Manny Pacquiao. Other than Muhammad Ali, never has a fighter radiated as much joy to his fans as Manny. Ugás didn’t so much beat him, as did Father Time, his ripe old age of 42 and resulting wobbly legs. Manny has the true heart of a champion and the love of his countrymen that quite likely could vault him to the presidency of the Philippines.

Well done, Manny. A career worth savoring for all boxing fans and a credit to the profession.

Marty Zweben
Palos Verdes Estates


Branch-ing out

Cliff Branch’s nomination as a finalist for the Pro Football Hall of Fame by the Senior Committee is long overdue. Branch left an indelible mark on the game. He was also a genuinely nice person. I met him once at a Bay Area Safeway and we wound up talking like old friends. He even let me try on his Super Bowl XVIII ring.

Stephen A. Silver
San Francisco


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