Letters to Sports: Readers are second-guessing Chargers coach Brandon Staley

Chargers head coach Brandon Staley watches quarterback Justin Herbert (10) warm up.
L.A. Times readers did not approve of Chargers coach Brandon Staley, right, allowing injured quarterback Justin Herbert to play last weekend after he injured his ribs in the previous game.
(Reed Hoffmann / Associated Press)

Congratulations to Brandon Stanley for leaving in Justin Herbert. You managed to change all the headlines to that one decision rather than the extremely poor play and coaching against Jacksonville.

Kent Webster
Newbury Park



Is Brandon Staley having an identity crisis? Last year, his decisive, unapologetic coaching style probably cost them a playoff spot. This year, a lack of decisiveness — letting a 24-year-old QB make his decisions — may bring about the same result. When will this Chargers’ coaching curse end?

Mario Valvo

The Chargers admit they altered their offensive approach to project injured quarterback Justin Herbert against the Jaguars, and it cost them. They won’t be so timid against Houston.

Sept. 29, 2022


Justin Herbert should not have been in uniform Sunday. A possible championship team has been put in the hands of an inexperienced head coach, Brandon Staley. Coach Staley’s decisions on managing the team since he’s been in charge have shown his lack of readiness to lead the Chargers to a championship.

Donald Peppars


Think again

Unlike the implication by Ryan Kartje, the USC vs. Oregon State football game resembled anything but a “stinker.” The Trojans’ offense, used to moving up and down the field at will, was not allowed to do so by the Beavers’ defense. The USC defense, also lacking appropriate respect, countered with a valiant effort. The result was a captivating, epic struggle featuring a dramatic final Trojans drive. Even though the final score was 37 points below the over/under, it was college football at its best.

Dave Sanderson
La Cañada


Good teams will close games, even when the offense takes the night off. Can’t wait when everything clicks.

Mitchell Cohen
East Windsor, N.J.

USC coach Lincoln Riley called Brett Neilon leading a surge behind Caleb Williams for a key fourth-down conversion one of his favorite plays ever.

Sept. 27, 2022


Caleb Williams needs to be told there is more to his position than NIL deals and the glitz and glamour of Los Angeles. It is being a man and facing the media after a poor performance, accepting criticism, learning and growing from it. That is what a real leader does.

Les Percy
Eugene, Ore.

Bruins rise

The Bruins are back, and with a vengeance, after thoroughly dominating the once unbeaten and highly hyped boys from UW. Seems like QB Dorian Thompson-Robinson knew it all the time, with his intense and dominating play. Eight straight wins, dating to last year.

Three of the best players in college football, with Thompson-Robinson, running back Zach Charbonnet and receiver Jake Bobo, combined with a raucous Rose Bowl crowd bore witness to the rejuvenated Bruins. This team is destined for greatness. Next stop, the top 20.

Marty Zweben
Palos Verdes Estates


Chip Kelly’s Bruins finally proved they can beat a ranked team, as long as it throws two interceptions, fumbles and surrenders a safety.

Wes Wellman
Santa Monica

UCLA quarterback Dorian Thompson-Robinson and the Bruins fed off disrespect, beat No. 15 Washington and delivered Chip Kelly’s biggest win.

Oct. 1, 2022


With it being 26.2 miles from Westwood to Pasadena, would you say it takes a marathon effort by UCLA students to attend football games at the Rose Bowl?

Gerry Swider
Sherman Oaks

ID required

So I ventured into SoFi Stadium for the first time for the Chargers game on Sunday and was impressed. However, the Chargers public-address announcer does not even acknowledge the other team. Even on an interception, the announcer would only mention the Chargers tackler. There are people at the game that want to know who carried the ball for the other team. John Ramsey must be spinning in his grave.

Craig Dunkin
La Crescenta

Parting ways?

If the Dodgers are entertaining the notion of giving Craig Kimbrel a spot on the postseason roster, may I offer a little advice from a certain Disney movie: Let it go.

Gregg Schoenberg


What does Kimbrel have on Dave Roberts? He keeps putting him in and he can’t win. He is a disaster.

Jerry Rutledge
Palm Springs

On the day they clinched home-field advantage throughout the playoffs, the Dodgers ponder the somewhat unusual circumstances that await them.

Sept. 30, 2022

Missing the moment

Your minimal coverage of Roger Federer’s retirement was dismal. A small blurb for one of the greatest, if not the greatest, tennis player ever to play the game is unacceptable. He should have all the accolades he deserves, which are many. Shame on The Times sportswriters for not featuring the very moving tribute after his doubles match.

Cheryl Kinsinger

Change of address

In reading Eric Sondheimer’s article about the misfortune of T.A. Cunningham, a lineman who transferred from out of state to Los Alamitos High, I learned something about the CIF’s change of residence guidelines. Eric wrote that the CIF policy states in part that “a student may not be eligible to participate at the varsity level if there is evidence the move was athletically motivated or the student enrolled in that school in whole or part for athletic reasons.” If that is the policy, it must be enforced very selectively. How else could the CIF allow multiple transfers to the Sierra Canyon basketball team from out of state, seemingly every year? Is it believable to think that some of the nation’s best prep basketball players transfer to Sierra Canyon from other states for reasons other than athletics?

Randy Tilner

Gardena Serra High’s Rodrick Pleasant is the fastest football player in the state and he put it to good use in narrow win over Sherman Oaks Notre Dame.

Oct. 1, 2022


I lived in L.A. County from 1975 to 2004. I’ve had three children graduate from San Pedro High. Why are the L.A. City high school sports so short-changed in The Times? I want to read more about the L.A. City high school sports instead of the non-L.A. County sports.

William Zersen
Laguna Woods

Parting shot

Thank you Albert Pujols and Aaron Judge for bringing some excitement, luster and class back to our national pastime.

Ken Feldman


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