Sun Devil Stadium bans tortillas from Arizona State football games

A guide to Sun Devil Stadium shows tortillas on the list of banned items for fans.

There will be no “Taco Thursday” for UCLA.

The Bruins football players will have everything thrown at them when they travel to Tempe to play Arizona State on Sept. 25.

Well, almost everything.

Sun Devil Stadium has officially placed tortillas on the prohibited list, reported. So stadium officials now say the “open carry” of circular corn food ends at Sun Devil Stadium gates. Fans also are not allowed to bring in firearms.


Of course, tortillas may just become a concealed “weapon.”

Arizona State students have hurled the tortillas toward the field during games. It’s a tradition that apparently has no real origin, although some reports suggest a mascot started the trend. Other reports point out it was a tradition at University of Arizona graduation ceremonies as well as at Texas Tech games after a Texas A&M player said Tech was only good at making tortillas.

At some point in Tempe, it just became something to do.

Well, no more. The ban will certainly work. What student would try to sneak contraband past stadium security?