UCLA quarterback Jerry Neuheisel has confidence in his abilities

Jerry Neuheisel

UCLA quarterback Jerry Neuheisel takes a breather during the first day of summer camp at Cal State San Bernardino on Monday.

(Gina Ferazzi / Los Angeles Times)

UCLA quarterback Jerry Neuheisel does not lack for self-confidence in his battle to win the starting quarterback job.

Asked about what he does better than he did a year ago, Neuheisel said, “managing where I’m trying to go with the ball. We have to get the ball out in 2.8 seconds, and sacks have been an issue with our offense. We’re trying to rectify that. I do a lot better job of getting off guys who are covered and getting it to the open receiver.”

Neuheisel, who is 6-foot-1, said, “I don’t look like the 6-8 guys in NFL. It all comes down to who can complete passes, get first downs and touchdowns. That is something I am confident I can do.”

No word yet from Josh Rosen, the freshman quarterback who had an impressive spring practice. Rosen will be allowed to talk with reporters only once during training camp, per Coach Jim Mora’s rules.


Neuheisel said that whoever wins the job “will have to be the leader of the team or no one will want to follow them. To do that, they have to go out and earn the job.”

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