Former USC players attend practice to support program


Following an embattled week for the USC football program, more than a dozen former players stood on the sideline of Brian Kennedy-Howard Jones practice field on Thursday.

“It blows me away, the support that we’ve had this week,” interim Coach Clay Helton said. “And then to have these legends come out to support us, as well as our own students come out and be a part of this practice, it speaks volumes to what we represent.”

About 100 students also attended the practice and were invited into the huddle, where Keyshawn Johnson, Keith Rivers and Willie McGinest gave impassioned speeches.


“Got a little turbulence, a little bumpy the last few days, but it’s up to you -- to you all -- to turn the tide,” Johnson said.

Said Rivers: “Change the game! Be who you are for four quarters for the rest of the season.”

Said McGinest: “This is self evaluation. Who are you and who do you want to be? What kind of team do you guys want to be?”

USC plays Notre Dame on Saturday at 4:30 pm PDT in South Bend, Ind.

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