USC Now mailbag: Uniforms, Pac-12 title and NFL draft

USC Now mailbag: Uniforms, Pac-12 title and NFL draft
Cody Kessler and the Trojans sport the traditional USC look of cardinal and gold. (Robert Gauthier / Los Angeles Times)

Jerseys are still on your mind.

I'm bracing myself for an angry inbox after suggesting an alternate uniform.


Please be kind.

The uniform. First of all, cardinal and gold is just about the cheeriest color combination ever. We own it, we are envied, and those uniforms are as scary as they are beautiful. Warrior colors. Here we are colors. You can't miss us or mess with us colors. As a kid, I checked out the this and the that but it was something in-your-face about the Trojans that always grabbed me… I mean, what thoughtful person is into change for the sake of change? Not you, I'll bet.

-- Jon Parssinen

I hope you didn't actually make that bet, Jon.

USC should keep its traditional home and away uniforms, but an alternate uniform should be introduced and worn for at least one home game each season.

It seems to be a reasonable compromise. USC football does not need to be a fashion show, but the addition of an alternate uniform could create excitement for players, recruits and even part of the fan base.

I would like to see an alternate all black uniform with cardinal and gold detailing, worn with the shiny metallic-tinged helmet.

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We always hear USC compared with Oregon football, I say within three years it's not going to be the Ducks as the team to beat in the Pac-12, but the University of Washington. Chris Petersen in the past has turned down both USC and UCLA, big market main reason, Boise State team he left played in the Fiesta Bowl last season. What say you?

--Victor Bulaich

It is hard for any team to stay on top for long.

Oregon has had recent success, but Heisman Trophy-winning quarterback Marcus Mariota has since left for the NFL.

If there were a time for another team to emerge, it is now.

Arizona, Arizona State, Stanford, UCLA and Washington are all teams that could compete with USC for a conference title.


Chris Petersen must find a quarterback at Washington. I don't think the Huskies will have the same success in the near future that Oregon has had in the last decade.

Hey, do you think the Raiders should get Leonard Williams in the first pick of the draft and then pick Nelson Agholor in the second round?

--Andrew Delgado

It's unlikely the Oakland Raiders would draft both Trojans.

The Raiders own the fourth and 35th pick.

Defensive lineman Leonard Williams is projected as a possible top-five pick. The Raiders could select him if Tampa Bay, Tennessee and Jacksonville do not.

Receiver Nelson Agholor is projected as a possible top-40 pick.

There are multiple reports that the Raiders need a receiver, so it is likely they would select one with their first pick – and that won't be Agholor.

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