A plant pilgrimage

Santa Catalina Island is home to 400 species of native plants. Here are some suggestions for visitors who want to experience the island’s botanical bounty.

Getting there

Ferry: Catalina Express docks in Long Beach, San Pedro and Dana Point; (800) 481-3470; . Marina Flyer docks in Marina del Rey; (310) 305-7250; .

Places to see

Wrigley Memorial and Botanical Garden: Native plants, desert plants, species endemic to Catalina, and historic vines and shrubs planted by the island’s onetime owners, the Wrigley family. (310) 510-2897.

Nature Center at Avalon Canyon: Self-guided exhibits. (310) 510-0954.


Conservancy: For details on hiking and biking permits or volunteering in the native plant nursery, call (310) 510-2595, go to or stop at the Conservancy House, 125 Claressa Ave., Avalon.

-- Lili Singer