Five Las Vegas hotels are raising resort fees, starting now


Las Vegas visitors may have to cough up a few bucks for their hotel rooms with word that resort fees are rising at five Caesars Entertainment properties on the Strip.

A Caesars executive confirmed Monday that, effective Tuesday, the resort fee will climb to $32 per room per day at Caesars Palace, and at Nobu, the Cromwell, Paris and Planet Hollywood.

The fee will remain at $29 at the company’s other Las Vegas hotels. Adding insult to injury, a 12% tax is added to the fees too.


With exceptions only for big spenders, the resort fees are mandatory, even if guests don’t use any of the included benefits: in-room Wi-Fi for two devices and free local phone calls.

At the hotels that have fitness centers, passes for two people are also included.

No explanation was provided for why the fees are increasing.

Word of the increase in the widely disliked but more and more common fee comes six weeks after MGM Resorts got heaps of unanticipated backlash after announcing it would start charging for self- and valet parking at most of its Vegas holdings.

A corporate spokesman said that while a specific date has yet to be determined, the parking fees will begin during the second quarter of 2016.

People who want to avoid resort fees may want to visit, a hotel booking website that provides a list of which Sin City hotels do and don’t tack on resort fees.

The website also includes which amenities guests receive for the added fee. A caution, though: Not all the information is up to date. For example, the list still includes the Riviera hotel, which closed last May.



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