Could the Norwegian Escape be the social media hog of the sea?

Norwegian Escape set records for its cruise line in the sheer volume of social media posts at sea during the ship’s inaugural events and maiden voyage. But do we all want to be tweeting when we should be relaxing?

Norwegian Escape passengers, crew members and fans between Oct. 22 and Nov. 11 created more than half a million Facebook posts, 14,150 tweets and more than 11,000 Instagram posts, Norwegian Cruise Line announced Monday.

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All that social media chatter broke the cruise line’s previous records. Social media was up 330% at the Escape’s inaugural events compared with the launch of the Norwegian Breakway in 2013 and the Norwegian Getaway in 2014.

Norwegian Escape features a hybrid network operated by EMC, a communications company that uses satellite, land-based and cellular connectivity to deliver access.


Survey after survey finds that what travelers want most -- from baby boomers to millennials -- is free, reliable Wi-Fi when they travel.

The social media blitz included events like the ship’s christening event in Miami in which Escape’s godfather, Pitbull, and others performed.

If you’re traveling on Norwegian Escape, you too can post and tweet to your heart’s content -- at a cost.

Unlimited on-board Internet for cruises of one to 12 days costs $29.99 per day; for cruises 13 days or longer, $24.99 a day. If you want a time-based plan, prices range from $75 for 100 minutes and $125 for 250 minutes.

Info: Norwegian Cruise Line


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