Cuba: A rare chance to kayak and hike on the island’s eastern side

Cuba Unbound offers a tour that takes you to Cuba's eastern end to hike, kayak and bicycle.
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Cuba Unbound has something new to offer travelers heading to Cuba: kayaking and walking tours on the wild, east end of the island. People-to-people trips start in November for an experience that organizers describe as a “little more raw” than the usual island-nation visit.

Cuba Unbound is an affiliate of Idaho-based ROW Adventures started almost four decades ago by Peter Grubb. Grubb says the new 11-day outings will be the “first-ever kayak and walking tour of eastern Cuba.”

The itinerary takes participants from Holguín to Santiago de Cuba, Mayarí to Cayo Saetia — which Grubb calls “a surreal African-like safari island where zebras and buffaloes live” — and Baracoa. Sea kayaking and exploring on foot provide an intimate way to see the natural side of the country.

The 11-day trip takes participants to the little-seen natural side of Cuba.
The 11-day trip takes participants to the little-seen natural side of Cuba.
(Chad Case/ )


It’s a chance for travelers to “dig deeper into its history of rebellion and repression, and get a deeper look of authentic Cuba,” according to Grubb. “We also offer an extension to Havana at the end of the tour for those looking for a little more exploration of Cuban culture.”

Trips are scheduled from November and through April.

Tours start at $3,590 per person. It includes tour leader and activity guides; equipment for biking, hiking and kayaking; meals and lodgings; ground transportation and other items. International and intra-island flights are not included.

Info: Cuba Unbound, (800) 624-0482



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