Hell’s Kitchen restaurant to open in Vegas, complete with red and blue teams cooking while you watch


“Hell’s Kitchen,” celebrity chef Gordon Ramsay’s popular reality TV show, is about to morph into an interactive restaurant in Las Vegas. The Hell’s Kitchen restaurant is expected to open in early December at Caesars Palace, the fifth Ramsay eatery to open on the Strip.

It’s to feature competitive kitchens from the popular Fox cooking series and seat 300 diners.


“The experience will be like actually eating on the set in ‘Hell’s Kitchen,’” Ramsay said. “Entering into the dining room, you’ll see a kitchen made up of the red team and the blue team, two separate kitchens opening into one … exactly the same as it is on the set.”

Ramsay made the announcement last weekend while standing beside the show’s signature 17-foot-tall HK pitchfork. The fiery logo, moved to Vegas from the Fox set in L.A., rises beside Caesars fountains just steps from the Strip. It has already become a popular photo op for visitors.

The prime piece of real estate, previously home to the Serendipity 3 restaurant, is located on the corner of Las Vegas Boulevard and Flamingo Road. Ramsay said construction on the $15-million project is to begin in July.

The interactive dining concept is sure to draw crowds to the restaurant — and to social media.

“Throughout dinner, you’ve got a chance to go into some of the confessional rooms that the contestants use to either complain, shoot a viral video or actually interact with what’s going on that night,” Ramsay said. “There’ll be specials on each menu seven nights a week where you’ll judge which one you prefer from the red or the blue [kitchen].”


The chef also said he may use the restaurant to shoot portions of some future episodes of the show. Fox recently renewed “Hell’s Kitchen,” which is broadcast in 41 countries, for two more seasons.

“We’ll use it for [contestant] challenges,” he said. “The ultimate dream for me is to use it for the live finale in 2018 or 2019.”

Ramsay also plans to turn up the heat by challenging fellow celebrity chefs to occasional cooking competitions as people enjoy their meals just a few feet away.

“What I want to do is bring a type of ‘Iron Chef’ live event where we have a ‘Hell’s Kitchen’ cook-off,” he said. “I set down the gauntlet and invite Bobby Flay to do a cook-off. He’ll take over the red kitchen. I’ll take over the blue kitchen.”

Ramsay said he will invite well-known chefs from the U.S. and abroad to participate.

Ramsay’s other restaurants along the Strip are Gordon Ramsay Burger at Planet Hollywood, Gordon Ramsay Fish & Chips at Linq Promenade, Gordon Ramsay Pub & Grill at Caesars, and Gordon Ramsay Steak at Paris.

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