Another view on Romanian cuisine

Another view on Romanian food

Regarding "A Secret: The Food Is Great," by Anne-Marie O'Connor, Aug. 16: I get where she is coming from. Everybody knows that food in America is very bad, and we understand you are searching for alternatives.


But after America, Romania has the worst food. The ingredients are low-quality, because Romanians neglected their agriculture heritage in the wake of the death of communism. Fresh ingredients aren't valued. Even in a supermarket, the supply of fresh food is not always guaranteed.

In Romania, you can eat in your hotel or at a Greek restaurant or try American fast food. Those are your options.

This is the most ridiculous article I have seen in a long time.

Sabina Klimm


Citi rewards

Eric Rosen failed to mentioned that Citi MasterCard has 2% rewards and no yearly fee ["The Score on Canceling a Card," Aug. 16]. I carry American Express and Citi Master, but I am partial to Citi because you get 2% back on every purchase.

John Rosati

Los Angeles

Sweet on Solvang

Regarding "Solvang's Danish Home Feel," Letters, Aug. 16: We love going to Solvang. I asked my husband, Erik, the origins of Solvang.

His reply: It was founded by people persecuted for their pastries"

Susan Amerikaner



Regarding "Cruising With the Original Capt. Kirk," by Mary Forgione, Aug. 16: I'm thinking of having myself beamed to Miami in January 2017 so I can set sail on the first "Star Trek" cruise to the Caribbean, but because Scotty is no longer here to work the transporter, I will have to make other arrangements.

Capt. James Tiberius Kirk, a.k.a. William Shatner, will be on board along with other "Star Trek" stars to schmooze with passengers. I have always been a "Trek" fan, having seen every episode of the original and "The Next Generation" several times.

Many years ago, my family and I went to a "Star Trek" convention in Orange County and were profoundly disappointed. The massive building was just one giant store selling "Star Trek" trinkets and souvenirs. We bought nothing and saw no "Star Trek" people.

I sincerely hope the cruise ship will offer more than a retail opportunity to sell phasers, communicators and "Star Trek" shirts. Sitting down next to Capt. Kirk in the ship's casino, having a drink and playing blackjack would eradicate the bad memories of that ill-fated convention long ago.

Bill Spitalnik

Newport Beach