Web Buzz: TrailWallet helps keep travel budgets on track

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The TrailWallet app records expenses, helping you to manage your budget, in the currencies of 218 countries.

Travel budgets are easily broken. Here’s an app that helps you track where those dollars, euros or yen actually went.

Name: TrailWallet

Available: iOS

Cost: Free; $4.99 for unlimited access

What it does: Helps you log and track your expenses. Set a budget and manage goals before plotting your next escape. Accepts amounts in local currencies for 218 countries.


What’s hot: Say goodbye to loose receipts jammed into pants pockets or overstuffed purses. Add what you spend and watch your daily total grow. You can compare your spending with your “Daily Budget” and your “Daily Average” as well as your “Total for the Trip.” If you’re not paying attention, TrailWallet might send you a little message, such as “Going a little crazy, are we?”

What’s not: This is not so much a complaint as a request: I would like to see a weeklong, sample trip budget archived on the app. It would be helpful when planning a travel budget to see examples of how much people spend on food, hotels, etc. Or how about sample budgets for a backpacker on a monthlong European trip, a family on a weeklong resort vacation or a business traveler on a short trip?