Virgin Hotels Chicago will add a Tesla S ride to your next visit

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Virgin Hotels Chicago opened just last month and already it’s offering a jazzy new perk: a Tesla.

Guests will be able to summon the “house car” -- a red Tesla Model S -- for a short hop around town, Virgin Hotels Chicago announced Thursday.

The $100,000 electric car comes with a driver and is available free to guests on a first-come, first-served basis, hotel spokeswoman Laura Kilroy said in an e-mail.


Guests can summon the car for a ride anywhere within two miles of the hotel at 203 N. Wabash Ave., which means they could take a quick trip along the Chicago River just to try out the Tesla S.

The hotel says the car is in keeping with its sustainability goals, which include hotel-wide recycling and a living green roof for better rainwater management.

Virgin opened the first of its hotel line in mid-January after renovating an Art Deco building that dates to the 1920s. The 250 rooms are moderately priced (about $200 a night in winter) and include a chambers concept that allows guests to use a sliding door for privacy.

Wi-Fi is free, and there’s a mini-fridge and workspace table in each room.

Virgin plans to open its next hotel in Nashville in 2016.

Info: Virgin Hotels Chicago, (855) 946-6600