Gear: Twist ties keep cords neat


How do I love Nite Ize reusable rubber-covered wire twist ties? Let me count the ways — and lengths.

Available in six sizes, from 3 to 64 inches long, the thick flexible Gear Ties are great for organizing cables, sealing bags shut or lashing gear to backpacks, roof racks or whatever. Some styles have loops at one end, or loops and clips for expanding their diverse uses. The longer sizes can even be bent and twisted into ad hoc mobile device stands.

Having spent a lifetime struggling with rubber bands, Velcro straps and all kinds of rope and wire, most of which failed to attach — or detach — without a fight, I am finally ready to ditch those losers and Gear Tie the knot — or whatnot.


From $4.49 for a 3-inch-long 4-pack, to $7.49 for a 64-inch tie.

Info (search for gear ties)

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