Wi-Fi at Indianapolis’ airport is so fast it’s almost supersonic -- and makes LAX’s look prehistoric

Indianapolis International Airport

If you care about Wi-Fi speeds at airports, you may want to route your next flight via Indianapolis International Airport.

( IAA-Indianapolis Airport Authority)

If you’re fed up with airport Wi-Fi service, you may want to fly through Indianapolis International Airport. Here’s why you’ll fall in love with IND, as it’s known by its call letters: The Wi-Fi is free, and it claims to be the fastest airport Wi-Fi in the country.

The Indiana airport says its Wi-Fi speeds average 40 megabits per second or mbps, eight to 10 times faster than major U.S. airports. And there are no log-ins needed or annoying ads you have to watch before you can connect.

Compare that with Los Angeles International Airport’s upcoming free service that’s supposed to be as fast as 5 mbps and, if you pay for service, could be as fast as 20 mbps. This is all part of the LAX Wi-Fi modernization project.

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How does Indianapolis know it’s the fastest?

“We looked at several airport surveys over a period of time ... different days and times,” airport spokesman Jeff Dutton said in email. “The most recent survey indicated Chattanooga’s [Tenn.] airport had the fastest speeds, and we know, with the upgrades we’ve implemented, that Indianapolis is faster.”

The airport doubled the number of access points in the terminal and upgraded from what’s called wireless N technology to wireless AC technology, which it says eliminated dead spots. Now it’s looking to add more charging stations for travelers too.

Dutton makes this promise: IND will beat any airport’s faster Wi-Fi times.


Finally, an airport challenge in which the consumer wins.


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