Tips4theTrip: Low tide in Baja

Low tide

San Felipe, Baja California, sits on the peninsula’s east coast, facing the Gulf of California.

(Christopher Reynolds / Los Angeles Times)

When the tide goes out along the Baja coast at San Felipe, it really goes out.

The result is a big, broad beach, dotted with mud-bound little fishing boats and the occasional meandering happy couple. If you catch that low tide when the sun is low too, the mountains seem to loom larger and the whole scene feels a bit more powerful.

I shot this in 2008, having driven across the border for a story comparing San Felipe (on the Baja peninsula, about 250 miles southeast of San Diego) with its mainland cousin across the Gulf of California, Puerto Peñasco. (More recently, we’ve had news of porpoise preservation efforts in the area.)


You can always count on travel to teach you something -- but what? Travel is the substitute teacher who didn’t get the lesson plan, the adjunct lecturer who goes off on Bukowski, the grad assistant who trashes your poetry, then hands out red velvet cupcakes. If only you’d had a clue what was coming, right?

I’m building this gallery from new and old adventures in the West and the world beyond. The photos are all mine. As for the attempted wisdom, it’s all dead serious, except for that which isn’t.

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