Most annoying etiquette violations on a plane is child’s play

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If you are a parent who lets your kids scream and go nuts on a plane — congratulations — you top the list of most annoying etiquette violators in the air.

Parents who travel with loud kids are considered more annoying than passengers who kick the back of seats and travelers with nasty odors. Even fliers who take off their shoes and socks in the airtight cabin are less offensive, according to a survey of 1,001 Americans by the travel website

Annoying children and their parents were ranked by 41% of those surveyed as the most annoying airplane etiquette violators. So it was no surprise that 49% of Americans surveyed said they would pay extra to be seated in a designated “quiet zone,” free of screaming kids, the survey found.


But the survey pointed out some hypocrisy: Travelers who fully recline their seats were ranked as the seventh worst violators even though 80% of travelers admitted reclining their seat all the way at some point during flights.

“Most of us, when we look at the list of offending behaviors, can admit to having committed to one or more of these violations,” said John Morrey, general manager of


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