Atlanta and London lead the way in airfare savings for week of July 30

Atlanta's skyline on Monday. Storms are not unusual in the city in the summer.
Atlanta’s skyline on Monday. Storms are not unusual in the city in the summer.
(Mike Stewart / Associated Press)

Here’s a steamy little story: Round-trip airfares to Atlanta from LAX dropped by $100 this week.

Here’s’ the steamy part: As you can see by this photo, shot Monday, thunderstorms are rolling in. That’s not unusual in areas where there is high humidity, especially in summer, when warm moist air rises and collides with cool air.


The good news is that if you’re headed to Atlanta this week, the humidity will drop to as low as 49%. Southern Californians may find that sticky, but it will feel like a relief to Atlantans.

The other good news is the lower fare may make it somewhat more bearable, unless you’re leaving from Burbank, from which fares went up $73 from last week.

Otherwise, domestic fares were mostly stable.

The big surprise, as you can see on the chart above, was London, whose previous low fare dropped more than $600.

London was our airfare deal of the week. American, British Airways, Delta, United and Virgin Atlantic are offering a $598 fare through May 10. (Blackout days apply.)

The low fare here is Norwegian, which continues to put pressure on traditional carriers.

All of these fares are more than $500 less than last week’s. If you’re planning to go, this may be the time to book.

Sources for these charts: Sabre reservation system, airlines and Web

These restricted round-trip airfares as researched on Thursday. Fares change daily, and availability is not assured. Fares, which may involve a change of planes, are for airlines serving Los Angeles International (LAX), Orange County/John Wayne (SNA), Burbank/Bob Hope (BUR), L.A. Ontario (ONT) and Long Beach (LGB). Domestic fares and international airfares include taxes and fees.

*These international fares vary because of differing fuel surcharges on different airlines.


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