Letters: Here’s an easy way to make a San Diego bike trip even easier

We enjoyed David Swanson’s article on cycling in San Diego as well as a pleasant ride from our Shelter Island hotel to the vibrant East Village [“A Two-Wheeling Tour,” June 24]. We highly recommend Stay Classy Bike Rentals, (619) 297-5500. Matt will deliver bikes to your hotel and pick them up at the end of the day, saving you time. Geared cruisers were a reasonable $25 per day, including helmet, lock, map and optional basket.

Joe Sullivan

Del Mar

Heimlich for pets

The article by Elliott Hester about saving a woman in an airport food court by using the Heimlich maneuver reminded me that it can be used on pets too [“The Real Life-or-Death Test Came in Airport Food Court,” June 17]. I’d tossed a dog biscuit to our beagle and our cairn terrier on the back porch, then turned to put the box away. I turned back in time to see our terrier collapse on the porch and then roll down three steps to the patio.


I knew instantly that the almost round biscuit had gotten caught in her throat. I grabbed her body to me, did the Heimlich maneuver and the biscuit popped out. Darn dog regained consciousness and grabbed her biscuit again before the beagle could get it, then immediately passed out in my lap.

That time it took four pumps to get out the biscuit, I think because most of the air had been expelled the first time. I grabbed the biscuit and threw the box away — no more round dog treats.

Faith Halligan

San Pedro

What a deal

I saw the Deal of the Week back in January and took this great trip to Singapore in May with my husband for $1,399. It included two round-trip nonstop flights on a Dreamliner to Singapore; four nights, five full days in a beautiful five-star hotel overlooking the river and city lights; four gourmet all-you-can-eat breakfasts for two; two four-hour excursions for two; and two other meals for two.

All in the most picturesque, clean, friendly, interesting city/island/country in the world.

Rick and Adrienne Reaser

El Segundo


Krakow tip

Great job on the article on Krakow [“Real Krakow Feel,” by Andrew Bender, June 10]. One suggestion: No visit to Krakow is complete without visiting the Wieliczka Salt Mine, a UNESCO World Heritage site. It is spectacular, and it will be a trip never to be forgotten. The walk down, the sights and the elevator ride up are all memorable.

Michael Wagner

Los Angeles


Thanks to Catharine Hamm for her recent “On the Spot” column about airline entertainment systems [“Entertainment Is Up in the Air,” On the Spot, June 10]. One reason I enjoy flying Delta so much is that despite being jammed into the economy section, the seat-back entertainment system makes the trip seem to “fly by.”


In this day and age of increased passenger anger and frustration, having a wide variety of movies and other shows for each individual to choose from is a cost-effective solution that helps maintain a peaceful cabin environment.

Michael Lynn

Valley Glen



Airline mergers have put many different aircraft under one carrier’s name. Each type of plane may have a different entertainment system.

For me, watching a movie, television show or any other media on a small-screen smartphone is unacceptable, and having to download the airline’s app makes this a nonstarter. Just another thing to remember after braving TSA and anticipating boarding with many humans who act like herded cats.

Chaotic as that often is, I always carry a few magazines to be read and discarded when I finish them (no weight savings for the aircraft as these weigh as much as a few extra wires and a small flat screen).

For longer flights I have two paperbacks that can be disposed of when I finish. This hasn’t failed me yet. For those who don’t read I am sure that they could find some quiet activity to take to keep them occupied.


The other problem with carrying a personal device is most airlines in coach charge for the entertainment content offered. I also point out the inconsistency of charging plug-ins from aircraft to aircraft. Most are in an inconvenient location with a black faceplate that is near impossible to find without being a contortionist in a cramped seat.

Heaven forbid your seatmate needs to make a trip to the loo and gets their feet tangled in your device’s cord that is across their path.

Cheers from the “friendly skies.”

Paul Brown


Santa Ana