Ideas for outwitting the crowds at Yosemite

Re: “Keep Cool in Packed Parks” by David Swanson, July 1: Yosemite Valley experienced a 100-year flood in 1997 that destroyed two major campgrounds and some cottages at Yosemite Valley Lodge. There are fewer overnight accommodations in the valley now than years ago. But surrounding towns outside the park have built more motels.

The increase in traffic is coming from day visitors. To avoid congestion at the park entrances arrive by 7 to 8 a.m. Once in the valley, park your vehicle in any of the expanded parking lots.

To avoid getting stuck in traffic use the free shuttle buses, walk or ride a bike to all the attractions. Don’t move your vehicle until you leave.

Dennis Arntz


Laguna Niguel

Take the train to Flagstaff

Re: “Moonwalk on Over” by Melinda Fulmer, July 1: There’s an overnight train to Flagstaff, Ariz., that leaves daily from Union Station. Best way to get there by far.

Paul Dyson



Treasure your family time

Families come in different configurations, sizes and with different backgrounds. Yet aren’t we all the same? Wouldn’t we all want moments like the ones Shaila Kapoor beautifully described in Departure Points on June 24?

Absorbed in a moment in her family where, she says, “time is stationary.” I would describe it as a moment of pure love. Glad she understands those types of moments need to be cherished and sometimes shared with others.

I’ll remember her family moment fondly.

Ryan Hemond