Travel letters: It’s no mystery why this reader liked the Quebec story

Quebec train
The Train de Charlevoix’s route along the St. Lawrence River offers colorful views.
(Caroline Perron)

The article on visiting Quebec was so serendipitous for me [“Hop Out and See a Feast of Color,” by Margo Pfeiff, Sept. 23.] I have been bingeing on Louise Penny’s mystery books, and they make me want to visit Quebec and Montreal.

Penny describes the cities, countryside and history so enticingly that anyone planning a trip should definitely read her books.

Thank you for a timely article.

Alison Davis


Rancho Palos Verdes

Disposable car seat

With regard to the car seat column [“Quite the Car Seat Quandary,” On the Spot, by Catharine Hamm, Sept. 9]. I propose another solution and that is purchasing an inexpensive car seat that can be disposed of. An internet search shows many in the $30 to $40 range. Perhaps a slightly larger tip to the cab or Uber driver, along with instructions to keep or dispose of the seat, will solve the dilemma at a far less cost than storing a seat. Of course, returning home from the airport may be an additional challenge.

Cindy Leish

Laguna Niguel


Cool customer

Many years ago, when I started traveling, hotels did not have in-room refrigerators, so I brought a cooler into my room.

Around 1975, hotels began providing small refrigerators, a nice place to store a drink or a leftover sandwich. Some even had freezer compartments.

Then came minibars, I suppose in an effort to monetize the convenience, but you could still squeeze in a soft drink or two by rearranging or temporarily removing items.

On a recent trip I was warned at check-in not to place “personal items” in the fridge, or to even move an item lest I be charged. So I’m back to bringing a cooler for my stuff.

Ken Brock

Yucca Valley



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