Jack the Cat, missing feline at JFK airport, is a Facebook hit

Los Angeles Times Daily Travel & Deal blogger

How is it Jack the Cat has become a Facebook phenom on a page that’s only been up since Sunday? And American Airlines, which apparently lost the kenneled cat during the runup to Hurricane Irene, has put out an APB for Jack.

The Facebook page Jack the Cat Is Lost in AA Baggage at JFK says the cat was being transported by air from New York to California last Thursday with owner Karen Pascoe. Jack and his buddy Barry (also a cat) were supposed to be loaded in a kennel on American Airlines Flight 177. But before Pascoe even boarded her flight, she got a call from the airline telling her that Jack had vanished in a baggage claim area.

A lot more has happened since then. Pascoe asked Facebook fans to put pressure on American to find her pet, and it must have worked. Here’s an update from American Airline’s FB page:

“Karen (Jack’s owner) has accepted our offer to fly her from California to New York to assist with the search and see firsthand our efforts to locate Jack. We have accommodated Karen’s wish to travel this weekend and will escort her throughout JFK.


"--Port Authority confirmed no sightings of Jack have been reported from patrols of the airfield.

"--Daily briefings are occurring to review progress and generate any ideas for locating Jack.

"--Representatives from the Port Authority of NY, including a Wildlife Management representative, participated in the 8/30 debriefing providing recommendations and offering extended support including extra traps.

"--Contacts with search dog and other animal tracking services have been made and are being evaluated.”


The airline also is reviewing security camera footage, sending a flier about Jack to other airlines at the airport and conducting a “thorough investigation” into Jack’s escape.

Wow, but is the search dog a good idea?

Jack also has a Twitter account: @findjackthecat.