LAX: American Airlines changes Terminal 4 to self-service check-in

Special to the Los Angeles Times

American Airlines has changed its Terminal 4 lobby at LAX from old-fashioned ticket counters to self-service kiosks, which, it says, is designed to streamline check-in and bag drop.

AA agents are out in front rather than behind the counter. These agents can show passengers who aren’t familiar with kiosks how to use them. The 36 machines in T4 West Lobby can check in both international and domestic passengers.

Instead of taking bags over to Transportation Security Administration screening, passengers check them in at the self-service machines.

American now has two resolution centers on each side of the west lobby to assist customers with any issues regarding checking-in.

The old bag drop machines, along with Ticketing/Group Check-in and Qantas check-in have been relocated to other parts of the lobby to make it more convenient for travelers to head from the kiosk to departures.

American claims to be the first airline to dedicate an entire lobby to self-service kiosks.