Del Norte County piers

Citizen’s DockOverview: Commercial fishing and angling off the pier are the predominant occupations of this 900-foot, I-shaped span, built in 1950. There are good views of the harbor area.

Background: In 2011, a Humboldt State professor estimated that Crescent City and its harbor had experienced as many as 35 tsunamis in the last 75 years. In March 2011, an earthquake in Japan sent a tsunami across the Pacific; a surge up to 8 feet swamped the harbor and its boats and tore apart smaller docks. Citizen’s Dock took a few dings from unmoored boats but continues to be the focal point of the harbor.

Parking: Free in a lot at the foot of the pier.

Directions: From Highway 101, turn west on Citizens Dock Road and follow it to the end.


B Street Pier

Overview: The northernmost pier in the state is a modest one. Views of the charming Battery Coast lighthouse as well as gray sand beaches and big rocks sticking out of the water make this 900-foot wood plank structure worth seeking it.

Background: Its predecessor, a ramshackle structure known as Sutton Dock, burned down in 1987 and became the source of much controversy — and talk — in the ensuing years. As far as I can tell, 25 years ago some local officials were indicted for torching the pier before they had the necessary permits. Ancient small-town stuff not sure it adds much.

Parking: Free at the foot of the pier.


Directions: In Crescent City, turn off Highway 101 onto Front Street, taking it toward the coast. Turn left on B Street and follow it all the way out to the pier.

-- Christopher Smith