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Las Vegas: Dinner in the Sky to take wing in the spring

A Las Vegas entrepreneur plans to launch a Dinner in the Sky attraction this spring that will be part thrill ride, part culinary experience. During the adventure, guests will be hoisted 180 feet into the air for the high-flying dining adventure from a location near Interstate 15 and Tropicana, west of the New York-New York resort.

Visitors will be harnessed to their seats before ascending on one of two 22-seat platforms for an experience that gives new meaning to "dining al fresco."

“This is definitely an extreme, exhilarating feel,” said Janeen Hinden, chief executive. “There’s no floor, so your feet will dangle. You’re up there sitting in a Formula One race-car seat fastened in. The food is prepared and sent around the table by your chef. It’s just really an incredible dining experience.”

Diners will be asked to arrive about an hour before what Hinden calls “liftoff.” They are encouraged to mingle with fellow guests in a ground-level lounge while enjoying free-flowing Champagne and appetizers. The “flights," which promise unobstructed views of a part of the Strip, also will last about an hour.

When they go on sale, tickets will be priced at $290 a person. Hinden said reservations would be accepted beginning in mid-February.

Meanwhile, people can put their names on a waiting list by visiting the  website or calling (702) 257-7303.

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