Cirque du Soleil drops acrobatics in new Vegas ‘live-action thriller’ show


Cirque du Soleil makes a complete about-face with its first new show to hit Las Vegas in six years. “R.U.N.,” set to open Oct. 24 at Luxor, drops the troupe’s famed acrobatic moves in favor of what is being described as a “live-action thriller.”

The new production announced Tuesday was hailed as a 180-degree turnaround from other Cirque shows playing at resorts along the Strip.

“If you’re buying a ticket for ‘R.U.N.,’ the first thing I will tell you is that it is not an acrobatic show,” the company’s president and CEO Daniel Lamarre said Monday. “It’s not acrobatic at all.”


Instead “R.U.N.” will be what Lamarre calls a live-action thriller that will blend stunts and special effects into a story line. The show opens with a gangland wedding that, eventually, sends the bride on the run. Cirque fans will see “a series of fast-paced chases, combat and stunts through the underground of Las Vegas,” a news release said.

The new show is a nod to the changing preferences of some Vegas visitors, Lamarre said. “We have to adapt ourselves to a different genre,” he said. “I think we’re going to attract a different crowd here.”

To weave together the interest in action movies and graphic novels, Cirque has deployed some creative talents from L.A. Filmmaker Robert Rodriguez is in charge of scripting the show. “Robert has been writing a story,” Lamarre said. “Unlike the other shows where we have some very vague stories, this one will have a narrative. You will be able to follow the action.”

“R.U.N.” will be directed by live-events developer Michael Schwandt; music is being scored by composer Tyler Bates.

“Right now, action movies are very, very successful. And there is another trend in the live-show industry: immersive,” Lamarre said. “Here, you will have the feeling that you are in the middle of the action.”

The new show will be the first to deviate from the typical Cirque theme since “Mystère” opened more than 25 years ago. The show is still running in Las Vegas at Treasure Island.

“R.U.N.” replaces “Mindfreak,” a show featuring magician Criss Angel, which moved to Planet Hollywood in January.

The new Cirque show, the first to open since “Michael Jackson ONE” launched in 2013, will be performed 7 and 9:30 p.m. Wednesdays through Sundays. Tickets are on sale, starting at $69 plus tax and fees.

Lamarre said the new direction taken by “R.U.N.” doesn’t mean the end of Cirque’s more typical moves in its six other Las Vegas productions. “The acrobatic shows are still doing very well,” he said. Other shows include “O” at the Bellagio, “Ka” at the MGM Grand, “Zumanity” at New York-New York, “Michael Jackson One” at Mandalay Bay, and “The Beatles Love” at The Mirage.

Info: “R.U.N.”