Coronavirus: Large hand sanitizer bottles, wipes allowed in carry-on bags, TSA says

The TSA is allowing travelers to bring larger bottles of hand sanitizer through airport security checkpoints over coronavirus concerns.
(Mark Moran / Citizens’ Voice)

If you’re flying in the U.S. and worried about taking hand sanitizers and alcohol wipes in your carry-on bag, the Transportation Security Administration tweeted some good news Friday. You can bring large-sized bottles of hand sanitizers, disinfectant wipes that are wrapped, travel-size wipes and masks through airport security checkpoints.

The TSA is relaxing its liquid size restrictions to help travelers take precautions against the coronavirus. The agency even tweeted a video about how to make the most of the eased rules.


“TSA is allowing passengers to bring liquid hand sanitizer containers up to 12 ounces to be permitted in carry-on bags until further notice,” the agency said.

Passengers taking containers larger than the standard 3.4 ounces will need to be screened separately. That means you need to get to the airport a bit earlier to allow more time.

However, the change only applies to hand sanitizer. All other liquids, gels and aerosols are still limited to 3.4 ounces (or 100 milliliters) and must be carried in a quart-size, clear bag.

TSA agents wear gloves when screening passengers or their property. Travelers can ask the agent to change gloves when they are being screened. The agency also reminds travelers to follow the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention’s guidelines to protect themselves from and limit exposure to the coronavirus.

The TSA web directive includes a map that shows airports where its officers have been affected by the coronavirus. So far, four agents at San Jose’s airport have tested positive. They last worked on dates between Feb. 21 and March 7.

Safe travels.