From the Archives: Three wars, three veterans

July 23, 1986: Three veterans salute during a protest against sale of Veterans Administration land in West Los Angeles.
( Thomas Kelsey / Los Angeles Times )

World War II veteran Emmet Burke, 72, from left, joins Korean War vet Charles Alderson, 52, and World War I vet Jack Coopersmith, 94, in a salute during a July 1986 protest against the sale of Veterans Administration land.

This unpublished photo was taken during a series of protests against the proposed VA sale of 31 acres of its 164-acre hospital property on Sepulveda and 80 acres of a 442-acre VA complex adjoining Westwood. The proposed sale was part of a national asset sale aimed at reducing the federal deficit. Congress blocked the sale.

The then-Veterans Administration is now the Department of Veterans Affairs.

This post was originally published on Nov. 8, 2012.

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