Today’s Headlines: Hilary leaves massive flooding, mudslides, upheaval across Southern California

Cars are seen stuck in the mud in Cathedral City, Calif.
Cars are seen stuck in the mud on a street in Cathedral City, Calif., on Monday. Forecasters said Tropical Storm Hilary was the first tropical storm to hit Southern California in 84 years.
(Mark J. Terrill / Associated Press)
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Hello, it’s Tuesday, Aug. 22, and here are the stories you shouldn’t miss today:


Hilary leaves massive flooding, mudslides, upheaval across Southern California. In the wake of Hilary’s lashing of Southern California, the region awoke Monday to lingering damage from the historic storm, with debris flows and flash floods leaving paths of destruction from San Bernardino’s mountain towns to Riverside’s desert communities and along Hollywood streets.

After the Lahaina fire, 16 relatives crowd into one Maui house. Relyn and Jowel Delfin’s Waikapu house sits in a newer subdivision where ranch-style homes and coconut palms line wide blacktop cul-de-sacs — a tropical-tinged archetype of the American dream.

Four of Relyn’s brothers, three of the brothers’ wives and six of their children — 13 people — had moved in with the Delfins since the Aug. 8 fire, when all four brothers lost their Lahaina homes. A fifth brother and his wife also lost their home, but they’ve been staying at the Marriott where he works.

A pride flag, an argument and gunfire. Laura Ann Carleton was fatally shot Friday, apparently because a pride flag flew outside her Lake Arrowhead shop, authorities said.


Carleton was killed by a man who first made “several disparaging remarks about a rainbow flag that stood outside the store,” San Bernardino County Sheriff’s Department officials said in a release.

A home, an office and a park demonstrate that design can be environmentally conscious — and look good. Facing a future of climate change will demand drastic changes in the ways that we live. It will also require equivalent changes in the way we design.

In this portfolio, The Times presents three case studies — a residence, a construction method and a park — that provide a window into how designers are (and have been) preparing for climate change.


A group of musicians rehearse.
Members of the band Quetzal — Quetzal Flores, left, Alberto Lopez, Martha Gonzalez, Evan Greer and Juan Perez — rehearse in Los Angeles.
(Mel Melcon / Los Angeles Times)

East L.A. band Quetzal makes music that makes people take to the streets — for 30 years. Sure, the Grammy Award was nice. But this virtuoso Chicano ensemble is mainly motivated by social justice, funky grooves and exploring the Latin American musical diaspora.


Is Tom Girardi’s dementia an act? A court to hear evidence. A federal judge will hear evidence Wednesday about whether Girardi is competent to stand trial for wire fraud.


The homes of Dodgers’ Max Muncy and Freddie Freeman were burglarized. Muncy and Freeman had their homes burglarized recently, according to LAPD sources. Miguel Rojas had his Lamborghini broken into in L.A.

One of the most magnificent concert venues in L.A. is the dome of this 100-inch telescope. It turns out the acoustics in the dome at Mt. Wilson Observatory are extraordinary. On one Sunday each month, the observatory hosts a concert.

Gladstone’s restaurant to close after 50 years; Wolfgang Puck and Frank Gehry plan a makeover. In 2024, celebrity chef Wolfgang Puck expects to break ground on a new, Frank Gehry-designed project to take the place of longtime restaurant Gladstone’s.

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Women in Army special ops face rampant sexism and harassment, the military reports. U.S. Army Special Operations Command reports harassment and a wide range of “overtly sexist” comments from male soldiers, as well as resistance to women in commando units.

Guatemala elects a progressive as president, but will he be allowed to take office? Despite preliminary results showing a potential landslide for anti-corruption crusader Bernardo Arévalo, the attention immediately turned to whether he would be allowed to assume power as the current administration attempts to suspend his party’s legal status.



Lizzo’s brand was built on empowerment and acceptance. Her accusers tell another story. Lizzo built an empire on positivity. Now, allegations of fat-shaming, toxicity and sexual harassment threaten her hard-won image. One of the former backup dancers suing the artist sat down with The Times to address the accusations.

Emmys 2023: Not sure whether to vote for ‘Ted Lasso’? Take this quiz to see how you lean. Do you think “Ted Lasso” should win the comedy series Emmy for a third straight time? We offer guidance to see if you’re still on Team Richmond.

How right-wing-endorsed country sensation Oliver Anthony scored a left-field No. 1 hit. The achievement caps a stretch in which this self-described factory worker-turned-farmer, who’s in his early 30s and who has acknowledged struggles with substance abuse, was raking in an estimated $40,000 a day from sales and streams of his music.

Break dancing fostered Black and brown unity. Some of its pioneers worry of erasure. From the streets of the South Bronx to the international Red Bull competition and now the 2024 Paris Olympics, breaking has truly grown and gained influence all over the world. Will the art form be preserved for the communities that started it?


3 takeaways on the state of the global games market (hint: it’s growing). The growth of the industry is good news for California, home to video game publishers and developers like Activision Blizzard, Riot Games, Electronic Arts and Naughty Dog.


USC hires Washington’s Jennifer Cohen to be its new athletic director. The Arcadia native will be the first female athletic director in USC history.


Why are the Angels one of two MLB teams whose radio announcers don’t travel? The Angels have the ability to reach a big radio audience. But for now they don’t appear willing to invest fully in the broadcasts the way most teams do.

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I’m co-teaching my college class with ChatGPT. Will it upstage me? “Instead of letting chatbots change the learning process, I’ll show my students that anything that chatbots can do, they can do better,” says Elizabeth Blakey, a Cal State Northridge professor.

How to help animals and their people recover from catastrophes like the Maui fire. The best way to help is to give money to organizations supporting local pets and their owners. Funds donated to groups like the Maui Humane Society can pay for needed goods and services over time, including spay and neuter surgeries and flea treatments.


A horizontal photo of a sprinkle-topped strawberry milkshake from Monty's Good Burger in Echo Park.
Local vegan chain Monty’s Good Burger serves plant-based classics such as meatless burgers, loaded fries and thick, creamy, oat-based milkshakes.
(Stephanie Breijo / Los Angeles Times)

While L.A. is home to some of California’s best ice cream parlors, fewer options exist for those hunting for the milkshake sans milk.

Whatever your reason for seeking out the dairy-free treats — whether made from oats, almonds, soy or even pea protein — here are some of L.A.’s finest.



On Aug. 22, 1989, Huey P. Newton, a co-founder of the radical Black Panther Party who was revered as a hero and reviled as a criminal, was shot three times in the head and killed in a violent, drug-plagued area of West Oakland.

The squalid circumstances of his death belied the powerful role that Newton played during his life.

In the end, friends speculated the burden of living up to his own legend — the man who embodied Black Power to many — may have been too much for Newton and probably led him to what seems to have been a fatal final encounter with Oakland’s deadly cocaine cowboys.

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