Glittery Davos gathering delayed by the pandemic yet again

Silhouette of a man in front of the logo of the World Economic Forum
The annual gathering of elites at the World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland, has been postponed from January to early summer.
(Markus Schreiber / Associated Press)

The World Economic Forum is again delaying its much-ballyhooed annual meeting of world leaders, business executives and other elites in Davos, Switzerland, amid new uncertainties over the Omicron variant of the coronavirus.

Last year’s gathering was repeatedly postponed and delayed, and finally canceled. The upcoming edition was scheduled for Jan. 17-21 in the alpine town but will now take place in “early summer,” organizers said, without giving specifics.

“Current pandemic conditions make it extremely difficult to deliver a global in-person meeting,” the forum said in a statement. “Preparations have been guided by expert advice and have benefited from the close collaboration of the Swiss government at all levels.”


Founder Klaus Schwab said the forum still plans to host a “digital convening of leaders from business, government and civil society.” The forum said a “headline series of State of the World sessions” would bring together participants online to address global challenges.

The media-friendly Davos confab serves as a global stage for world leaders to meet and executives to talk possible deals. Academics and chiefs of nongovernmental groups speak out in webcast panel sessions or prowl the corridors looking to rub elbows with decision-makers.