#RoyalBabyWatch: Twitter reacts to royal baby madness

Well-wishers wait outside St Mary's Hospital for news of a royal birth.
(Peter MacDiarmid / Getty Images)

If there is one thing you an count on social media for, it’s breaking news updates. And, of course, the royal baby watch has provided plenty of fodder.

But when that “breaking news” involves a duchess who has been in labor for more than 11 hours things can get a little, well, tangential.

News broke late Sunday night (early Monday morning for you Brits) that Catherine, the Duchess of Cambridge, was taken to a private hospital in preparation for giving birth to the child who is in line to one day reign over Britain.

UPDATE: It’s a boy!

Updated: 12:59 p.m.: Once the palace announced and tweeted the birth of a baby boy -- 8 lbs 6 ounces and dad was present -- the celebrations began:


The excited crowd outside the Buckingham Palace gates: — Henry Chu (@HenryHChu) July 22, 2013

Her Royal Highness The Duchess of Cambridge was safely delivered of a son at 4.24pm — Clarence House (@ClarenceHouse) July 22, 2013

The Queen, The Duke of Edinburgh, The Prince of Wales, The Duchess of Cornwall, Prince Harry & families have been told and are delighted. — Clarence House (@ClarenceHouse) July 22, 2013

But during the long wait that came before, social media users immediately jumped on the chance to make a joke or two at the next heir apparent’s expense. Here are a few of the best

How can you tell when there’s about to be a royal baby? When they start crowning. I’ll be here all week. — Ellen DeGeneres (@TheEllenShow) July 22, 2013

Dear William & Kate: If William is 100% royal and Princess Kate is 0% royal, will that make your son a half-blood prince? #RoyalBaby — Professor Snape (@_Snape_) July 22, 2013

Someone translate this for me, I don’t speak British - “Kate Middleton is in labour” — Samir Mezrahi (@samir) July 22, 2013

I imagine the aftermath of Kate Middleton’s #RoyalBaby will look something like this... #RoyalBabyWatch — David Wong (@The_David_Wong) July 22, 2013

Really hoping they give the royal baby a working class name. #Terry. — Henry Langston (@Henry_Langston) July 22, 2013

LONDON (AP) - The heir is almost apparent. — Alex Pappas (@AlexPappas) July 22, 2013

Prince Williams heir is falling out — ¿ Darren Walsh ¿ (@thegianttweets) July 22, 2013

RT @kanyewest: “Kate Middleton, imma let you finish, but @Beyonce had one of the best babies of all-time. Of all-time. #RoyalBaby” — Dan Anstey (@Dan_Anstey) July 22, 2013

Royal Baby Royal Baby Pope Pope Royal Baby. It’s like it’s 1211 all over again on Twitter — Vincent Bevins (@Vinncent) July 22, 2013

Is there a Twitter account, “Drunk Royal Baby” yet? cause that wouldn’t be funny at all and someone should do it! — Lizz Winstead (@lizzwinstead) July 22, 2013


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