A flash of anger from Pope Francis as he is jostled by enthusiastic crowds

For a pope known for enjoying affectionate gestures from his flock, it was a familiar scene Tuesday afternoon in Morelia as he waded through a throng of youngsters, touching hands, kissing children and exchanging greetings.

But some people apparently took it too far, and the pope didn’t like it.

As he reached down to kiss a disabled girl, several people jostled the pope while trying — too aggressively, apparently — to touch his robe. Moments later, someone else appeared to try and pull him into the crowd.

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The pope was knocked off balance, and security guards had to help him straighten up.

Perhaps it was the accumulated stress and travel of a long trip, but the pope finally seemed to have had enough, flashing an angry look and raising his voice in a moment captured on video.

Eso no se hace!” — “You don’t do that!” the pope said, according to the Associated Press.

According to another account by a Mexican media outlet, the pope said, “No seas egoista. No seas egoista” — “Don’t be selfish. Don’t be selfish.”


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